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Carnival Triumph

August 2016 - 5 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Triumph

Okay but not my fav.


Ship is kinda small. But layout is kinda bad. hard to get to the main dining room paris. first floor did smell like poo a little. toilets are super loud lol.

food wasnt all that. no theme in my opinion and buffet fruit is always gone bad. buffet closes for a long time and only burgers pizza and deli are open. not good if you want healthier options. no fruit. or desserts except ice cream and frozen yogurt that tastes just like ice cream, actually its soft serve. staff is nice, but not at buffet. ports were great.  entertainment is not all that. actually spent a lot of time bored. the pictures system is horrible! you have to dig through tons a pictures to hopefully find yours. wish they had a better systems like albums or by stateroom. it was ridiculous.  atrium felt too small. sports decks is ok but small. nice water slide. min. golf was nice. arcade was fun. casino reeks of cig smell. had to go through to get to the aft part, had to cover nose. all in all ok but not great. steward was friendly and staff in main dining rooms are top notch!

breakfast buffet had a good selection. dr. seuss activities and parade was super fun. green eggs and ham breakfast was cool! pools were always packed.

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Norwegian Getaway

July 2015 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

Great boat, but not all was good.

Hi! Well everyone has different experiences but I would definitely like to share mine in great detail, because that way you can be prepared.

Embarkation: We drove to Miami and actually go there almost at 3 p.m.! yes, a tad late but we had plenty of time left. The staff that helps with the luggage helped us immediately and were very nice and professional! At check in we encountered a line and still took close to an hour to get in the ship. As soon as we enter the ship we notice everyone going to there stations because the muenster drill was in effect. We were assisted right away. Again very good staff.

The next two days were so so. To full days inside the boat with out a port can get quite boring real fast. Even if there are activities going on. the itinerary itself was the problem. Wish nassau was the first to visit, since its the worst!

On the boat, there is always something to do, but keep in mind everything costs, from bingo to specialty dining shows, etc.But there are a ton of free included entertainment. I did not get to go to any of the shows because I booked it through the app, hoping I would get a reminder. So I lost track of what time which day. I tried to re-book but it wouldn't let me because I already had a booking, yet I couldn't figure out what day, and You can only book each show once.

The Food:

The buffet has variety, except for breakfast. Everyday the same options.Same cereals, same extremely watery eggs!, fixings, etc. They had a great selection of fresh pastries and fruit though, a def plus. But you can only find bananas in the mornings. What I liked was that they had a full bar available, ad they offered sugar free juices through out the day as part of the complimentary included package. We had the ultimate drink package which was awesome because they nice non alcoholic drinks available. The complimentary restaurants offered the same breakfast as well. 

For Lunch and dinner we tried all 5 restaurants, Taste, Savor, Tropicana, and O'Shehanns and Flamingo grill plus the buffet. All have an excellent staff. Very attentive. during peak hours, your food does take over 30  minutes, but the food is def worth the wait. Love that you can order more than once of any items, and deserts are delicious!

They def have something for everyone and tons of healthy options! The only thing is that I like my salads cold, and they always seemed room temp. The omelette station is awesome! Get your eggs done YOUR way!


St. Thomas was fun. Went to magens bay beach and had an interesting ride there. Its all hills and the driving is crazy! Hold on tight! Taxi drivers and people there are super nice! Did some shopping in nearby downtown, and right on the way back there is a spot with people in tents selling handbags, shirts, magnets, etc, very cheap!

We were so glad to finally get off the ship and explore! We def took advantage of all the time there and got back in the boat with our awesome free goodies. On board we went to the jewelry seminar, and were giving insight on stores, plus free coupons for free charms, and gifts from the stores on the list. Def worth going to both seminars.

Tortola was beautiful! The town itself looks bit down and has a lot of remodeling going on (actually all three ports have the same thing going on!) but the people there are very friendly. Went to the beach there (they are all free!) and rented some chairs and umbrellas. Tried the coconuts there, and had a blast! It is also behind crazy roads and hills, and even more crazier driving,  but the views are spectacular! An interesting fact is that its only a few miles away from St. Thomas, and we could see St. Thomas from the beach!

Nassau was the absolute worse! Went to "cabbage beach" near Atlantis and it was horrible! The worst experience ever! We had to leave because of the harassment. A lot of people did. We were treated horrible, yelled at, and disrespected. As soon as you get off the cab, you encounter tons of men offering you banana boat rides, jet skis, chairs and umbrellas, etc. for a ridiculous expensive rate! We were polite and said no thank you, but they insisted and since they could not convince us, they started to insult us! Telling us to leave! That we were at the wrong beach, and that it was only for "fun" people. We kept walking towards the beach and it just got crazier. They just do not leave you alone until they make you rent something. We finally negotiated with them for a couple of chairs and one umbrella, and voila, they left us alone for a few minutes. We finally settled down and attempted to get in the water but they are very disrespectful. Even while swimming! they go in the water next to you and offer you a "good deal". And worst of all. They go in the boats and jet skis and get in right next to you to get people on, and bath you with the smoke from the engines leaving a terrible and dangerous smell and environment.  They don't respect people that are swimming even with little kids. We had to constantly keep looking back to watch out for them. It is very scary. We could not bare it any longer and left. It was too dangerous. On our way back to the boat we did some shopping at the tents near the entrance. People there weren't very attentive but they had some neat things.

One thing worth mentioning is the free water and cold min hand towels covered in some relaxing oil, that are provided by the cruise staff when coming back on the boat after a hot day at port. Very soothing! 

Disembarkation was smooth, time consuming?, Yes. Why? Because you have 4,000 plus people on a boat and it gets crowded quickly.  Everyone pushing heavy luggage get the lines super long. Took us about an hour to get out. 

Overall entertainment was great. The family game shows are hilarious! Specially battle of the sexes! Family friendly excitement!

Really enjoyed the boat with the water park. It was cool to have the biggest, newest, coolest boat at ports! Overall very happy with the service. 



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Cruise Tips

Progreso (Merida), Mexico

did technotel escusrion for $30 all inclusive with fare to and from resort. just be careful with your belongings from everyone!

Cozumel, Mexico

did mr sanchos and it was totally worth it! super fun and close by! tons to do!

Carnival Triumph

Carnival Triumph

def take meds for everything! nausea, dizzyness, sea sickness. etc. sunblock and mosquito repellents for ports. room has tons of space and closets with hangers.

Nassau, Bahamas

horrible experience. avoid cabbage beach! very dangerous to sim there with boats and jet skis coming up next to you while you swim.

Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway

Try and go to all the shows and def attend the game shows. Avoid peak hours at Dinner in the dining rooms. Go early, so if you don't like the menu, you always find something delicious at the buffet! The water park is always better after 5 p.m. to avoid the crowds.

Nassau, Bahamas

kinda scary since you just follo the crowds unless you have booked an excursion and they provide transportation. otherise youre on your own

Port Canaveral, Florida

the people that take your luggage are very rude, you ask them something tice and they give you attitude!

Enchantment of the Seas

Enchantment of the Seas

Hungry afte hours? the9th floor by the spa has great snacks and delicious nachos til 2 a.m,! plus subs, hot dogs and pizza fruit

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