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January 2016 - Crown Princess to Mexico

Norovirus nightmare

My Sister and brother-in-law came to visit from Scotland.  We wanted to take our 82 year old aunt on a cruise. She had never been on a cruise.  We were notified by email that we would be boarding late as they were disinfecting the ship from norovirus.  We were not given any rescheduling options.  We enjoyed our first night at sea and took notice of the cautious service especially in the dining areas.  The next day was when our elderly relative fell violently ill.  This was when the cruise became a nightmare.  Not just because she was ill but because of how we were then treated.  My aunt was quarantined to her room for the remainder of the cruise.  She was not offered any medical attention and was not allowed to disembark in Mexico to see a physician there.  As her roommate, I was allowed to leave and I had to bring her food and water and clean up after her.  We spent the remainder of the cruise attending to her.  He well being was never addressed.  Upon returning to Long Beach, we, along with around 20 other groups were led to a separate disembarking area.  This was all too obviously the fault of the cruise line and no apologies were offered to any of the groups and it felt as if we were lepers that they were all too happy to have gone.  I have never been made to feel more unwelcome and awkward.  I felt as if the separate disembarking was more to shield the remainder of the attendees from the fact that around 20 people became violently ill while on the boat and in hopes to avoid negative publicity.  We should have been offered refunds for our cruises.  The crew should give more attention to the ill and especially the young and elderly guests as they are most at risk of death from a virus such as this.  The ship crew's blatant avoidance made it seem more like they were protecting their image rather than avoiding an epidemic.  Unfortunately this was her first and last cruise ever just from this experience.  I would have expected more professional service as I do expect illnesses do happen regularly on these cruises, however, it seemed they had procedure in place but no compassion.  This is not what I expect from this particular cruise line. 

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