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Norwegian Breakaway

September 2015 - Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda

YOu get what you pay for and nothing more


I know a guarantee cabin means they can put you anywhere but there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of inside cabins on that massive boat. So when I got stuck in what was to me, one of the crappiest cabins you can get on a cruise, I was very unhappy. I figured I had paid my dues over the years as I worked my way up to Gold status, but I quickly found out that Gold means very little in the scheme of NCL.

Below is the email I sent to NCL customer service before the cruise due to my frustration and absolutely nothing came of it.

So how the cruise was after I completed it is completely irrelevant as I was pretty much disappointed and angry from the second I stepped on the boat for the 4th time in as many years.

The email below went to my travel rep and I decided to post it here, as well instead of a review, as this is what I really cared about, just to share my frustration with my cabin assignment on my trip to Bermuda Sept 2015.

Dear NCL,

See, the more I think about it, it kinda feels like someone at NCL was telling me to take a flying leap for some reason. I mean, there aren't many more worse cabins than the 3 that are as forward as you can go on deck 8, or any deck for that matter. Am I being punished 'cause I picked the low cost choice? I know it was a GTY cabin, but wow, out of all the interior cabins on that massive ship, that's where they put me and my wife? Those should be the last cabins on the entire ship to be filled with GTY. I guess they were telling me i can take my Gold status and wipe my **** with it, for all it matters. You know, there are a lot of non NCL ships out of Bayonee NJ. maybe next year I will look into those; try another cruise line for a while. There are positives and negatives for all lines but maybe it's time to give another line more business and work my way to a higher level, then see who cares more for customer loyalty.

PS: As all I will get is a piece of chocolate each day in my crappy cabin for being Gold, I look forward to sharing this story with any passenger that wants to hear it while on the cruise, and though you people don't know me, what you should know is that like a car salesman, I am very persuasive when I want something, or like something, or in this case, am dissatisfied. So when I tell everyone my story of my crappy cabin assignment--and I have thousands of people to choose from on the boat--, when I get to the end, the moral of the story is: Don’t bother sailing with NCL repeatedly and working your way to a higher level, as in the end, it won't get you anything but a cabin at the absolute tip of the boat

Oh, and a piece of chocolate.

Addendum: Knowing my cabin would be terrible, I upgraded to a balcony and got the free UDP diner package as well. Made it a million times better cruise. But though on deck 12, it was still not good enough to avoid being up late, as party on H20 Deck (deck 16) was so loud, bass so powerful, it shook me and my wife out of bed at 12:30 AM. (we were going to bed early--around 11 or so--and getting up early to avoid crowds on pool deck. FYI: it works great).

On this size boat, be very careful where you choose your cab on, as it's so packed with restaurants and clubs to soak cash from guests you may end up above or below something horrible. And never choose a guarantee only on this boat, spend the little extra and pick something, or enjoy walking forever each day.

Despite the drama above, as we are used to this ship, we had a nice time, and though there are always hiccups along the way, if you come home, fat, happy and with fun memories, count it as a great cruise--which it was.

The weather was great, no waves at sea, great food, and wonderful staff. This was actually one of the best cruises yet as it all came together. And guest services offered to move our cabin and sent wine as an apology for the noise. But we liked out cabin's location by day, though, loved it even, but at night there were some issues. But that's what happens when 4000 people are crammed on one ship.



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Norwegian Breakaway

November 2014 - Norwegian Breakaway to Caribbean - Bahamas

good cruise, not the best

Second time on the NCL Breakaway. Nice ship but for wife and I, far too big. We like the quaintness of the smaller ships like Dawn and Gem. We were gonna go to their private island. 2nd time trying to do this, the first being a week before Hurricane Sandy. Last time you could understand why they had to pass on the island but this time they cancelled too. This time for wind. Wind? Seriously? It's an island in the middle of the ocean, there's always wind. From investigating further, crew told me 50 percent of the time island is canceled so don't go on this cruise just for island. Odds are you won't go. Ship was full, people everywhere, many of low class. thats what happens when prices drop well below 400 for a cabin per person. Saw the difference in clientele rather quickly.

Went to Nassau again, 2nd time as well. 1st time went to Atlantis which was nice, and took water shuttle so never really saw the rest of the city, but this time I went to beach near port. Now I got to see what the Bahamas is really about and you know what? Compared to Bermuda, Bahamas is the buttcrack of Bermuda. Trash everywhere, sidewalks crumbling so you gotta watch where you walk. Buildings rather dumpy and locals hounding you to buy stuff---doesn't happen in Bermuda. So no more Bahamas, I'll stick with Bermuda, a favorite of mine, if you couldn't tell.

Oh, and for ship itself? Food, crew and it all was fine, what I expect from NCL, which is my favorite cruise line.

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Norwegian Dawn

July 2014 - Norwegian Dawn to Bermuda

Another fun cruise on the Dawn

Went on the new Breakaway last year and you know what? I liked it but loved the Dawn even more on my return to her. After such a big ship like the Breakaway, the Dawn felt so much more inviting. The food is much better now too. A few months ago they upgraded the menu. I was happy with the food before but was very happy now. Garden cafe was the same, but dining room was a step more. They had a steak there that was as good as anything in their specialty restaurant.

We had a few minor issues that took away from the cruise but I have learned to roll with stuff. Just deal with it on the boat and when you get home, write a letter to NCL and tell them the issues you had. Or let the lobby desk know while on the boat and they will probably toss you a bottle of wine to say sorry. They are great with wanting to work with guests once you're home though, and will often send a credit for a future cruise in apology. Hey, they can't control everything but wish they could.

Like always, the entertainment was fantastic. My wife and I our now loyal NCL guests. One more cruise and we're Gold members, which will be nice. Been on Royal and Carnival and we find NCL is the best for our personal needs. If you live in the Boston area and want an easy trip to Bermuda, the Dawn is a simple and easy way to do it. Black Falcon Port is run very smoothly. Parking is right next to ship if you need it too.

You don't have to spend thousands on a cruise. Get an inside cabin and spend all your time on deck, and by the time you return to the room at night, you won't care about anything but wanting want to sleep.

see you next cruise!

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Brilliance of the Seas

April 2014 - Brilliance of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

A nice cruise

First time on a Royal Caribbean ship. I liked it but wasn't blown away. Still, it was a small ship in their fleet. I'm more of a loyal NCL cruiser though (5 and counting so far). But the contrast between the 2 cruise lines is interesting. in the end, it's you the cruiser with personal tastes that will like one line over another. I HATED the pomp and fluf at the dining room with Royal so my wife and I never went there. who eats at 830 pm every night? it's dinner or a show--- choose, 'cause you can't do both. so we went to buffet each night. not as much food as NCL buffet but for me and the wife, who are simple people and not the average spoiled Americans, the choices were more than fine. heck, you can only eat so much no matter how big your eyes are.

One big plus this ship has over other cruise lines is the Solarium on the Brilliance of Seas---and indoor pool with a dome overhead . See, the boat isn't set up well so the wind on outer pool deck is terrible. some higher glass barriers on the sun deck would fix that though. On the NCL Dawn, winds will be over a 100 mph but the pool deck would be fine.

On this cruise we were going to Grand Cayman and it got cancelled 'cause of wind (i know, it was like..seriously?), the tender and stuff didn't want to deal with it i guess. I wasn't that upset 'cause frankly, i wont be picking Royal again unless I'm boxed into a corner with no other options. No compensation was offered by ship either for missing the 1 out of 2 ports of call, such as a 20 buck credit or something. NCL would have done something to apologize and has in the past if getting on later to a port cause of weather. I probably could have complained too and got a credit or something for a future cruise(maybe) but like I said, I won't go out of my way to use Royal again. but i would also recommend them to others if that particular boat is going where you want.

The crew was wonderful, food was fine, ship was clean and nice. the stateroom was great, as was the housekeeper. it was a nice cruise, but not the best. If this had been my first cruise i might not have liked it as much but with a few under my belt I know you gotta roll with whatever happens.

 If you get home with a full belly, healthy and safe, it was a good cruise considering some of the alternatives that can happened. (did anyone say Carnival?).

For anyone it's good to try different cruise lines to see which one fits you the best.

Royal wasn't my favorite but I can see why people like them and why they are successful.  



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Norwegian Breakaway

September 2013 - Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda

New ship, new ways to spend money

This was my 6th cruise, 5th with NCL. Other was Carnival (won't do that again). One thing I like about NCL is that you can sail cheap with a deal of a fare and if you don't want to spend more on the boat you can, or if you have more cash to spend, you can enhance your cruise by availing of the specialty restaurants and other services. Well, the breakaway has them and then some. the food was basically the same as the other NCL ships, but the Garden Cafe is so much nicer. The wife and I only used the main dining room once, being very happy with the cafe. the ship is a blast, with lots more to do, rock climbing one of the funnest and the large elevated jungle jim (what I call it). but no more promenade that wraps around the ships, now there are so many dead ends you will feel like a mouse in a maze. the ship is new and clean, the elevator lobbies spacious. i went on the boat for this specific boat and i liked it. but now i think I will look forward to the Dawn again. sometimes too much is too much and simple is more relaxing. but it was definitely worth the experience. Worth trying out at least once no question about it. Overall I had a great time, as did the wife, crew was excellent and so was staff. well done all!

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Norwegian Dawn

July 2013 - Norwegian Dawn to Bermuda

3rd times the charm

went on the dawn last year in july 2012. wow was it filled with kids, so i tried this May instead. had a great time but the water in Bermuda was still a little too cold. so got a great deal and went this July as well. best time ever. i think 'cause i knew what to expect it made the cruise even more enjoyable. i knew what was happening when and where and could decide if i wanted to do something else, having experienced the former. the Dawn is showing its age but it's still a nice ship. definitely a great ship for first time cruisers; the food isn't high end but it's good fair and this reflects what the price for the cruise was--you get what you pay for. but I'm not fussy so to me the food is more than acceptable. the entertainment is top notch and the crew is wonderful. it took three times but this was the perfect cruise--or as close to it as a person can get. weather was great too, luckily. i look fwd to more ships sailing out of Boston too in the future.

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Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Breakaway - pick your cab on or wind up in the middle of nowhere with a ten minute walk each day to go t0 b-fast. the ship is far too big. smaller ships are better, easier to navigate
Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Breakaway - Rock of ages is a good show, but get on ship and make free reservation immediately. theater cant hold everyone on ship so even of you don't know you're gonna go, grab your seats. if you don't go, then just don't go. show is an hour and 45 min. a real Broadway show so get comfortable.
Norwegian Dawn Norwegian Dawn - Get up early, before 8 or 9am and the pool deck is virtually empty. All the kids sleep in after partying all night. It's then best time to use the hot tub and the pool. At 6 am, I had the entire pool deck to myself. Like it was my ship alone. Best time to get a sun chair too.

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Another fun cruise on the Dawn

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise review - YOu get what you pay for and nothing more

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise review - YOu get what you pay for and nothing more

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise review - New ship, new ways to spend money

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise review - good cruise, not the best

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received a helpful vote on their Brilliance of the Seas cruise review - A nice cruise

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Another fun cruise on the Dawn

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Another fun cruise on the Dawn