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September 2015 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Eastern

My Valor trip to the Caribbean

I enjoyed the trip for the most part.  This is the point of view from a soon to be 70 y/o women (being accompanied by her daughter).   My error was in selecting my cabin ... deck 6, mid ship sort of but right over the bars/lounges.  OOPS!  I had "BOOM, BOOMS" (base) music until 3 am most of the nights.  This is a good ship/trip for younger persons with all the loud noises from playing and excitement.  I would go again if/when I can find a trip that is a little more toned down.  But I love to people watch, how they dress, their hair do's, and actions.  This can be amazing and very entertaining in its self as well as keeping me up to date on what's going on with styles and the younger generations.

The staff and crew were wonderful.  Some a little over worked but still trying so hard to be there for the guests.  They tried and often exceeded the demands of the guests.

The food was great too (maybe almost to great) !  I felt like I ate almost constantly.  But thankful my sense of direction didn't kick in ... seems like most of the time I went in the wrong direction so I got lots of walking in and didn't gain any weight.  I kept expecting to try and button my pants and wouldn't be able to. <VBG>  Even when I wanted something that turned out that wasn't on menu the waiters/staff would manage to get it for me.  Simply amazing.

I enjoyed the various entertainments that I did attend.  I'm not a late night type of person so the early shows (stage musical, comedy club, and deck movie) were just right for me.

My greatest disappointment was the shopping... on board and ashore.  Aside from so very over priced (which you expect on these type of trips) but after not paying close enough attention when buying trinkets for friends and family, I was sorely disappointed when looking over my items closer in my cabin I soon discovered that almost every single item had a small sticker placed inconspicuous stating "Made in China" !!!  I can get lots of that junk at home any time I want.  I totally stopped buying goodies to take home.

My other concern was the "mis" understanding of the gratuities.  Every day your little schedule put in our rooms seemed to stress to tip every body, so we did.  So it was a little disconcerting when there was an additional $84 tacked onto our bill for each person in our cabin.  It needs to be clarified some how, do we tip or don't we  and when ?  

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