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I started cruising in 2006 and from there never went back. I try to cruise every year and love it no matter what. I have been on 12 so far and have two more booked!

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Pride of America

August 2018 - 7 Night Hawaii (Honolulu Roundtrip) Cruise on Pride of America

Crown Princess

July 2017 - 14 Night Baltic Heritage (London Roundtrip) Cruise on Crown Princess

Norwegian Getaway

February 2017 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Star

February 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Tampa Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Star

Norwegian Epic

February 2015 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

February 2014 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Dawn

April 2013 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Tampa roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

Norwegian Jewel

April 2012 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Jewel

Explorer of the Seas

April 2011 - 9 Night Eastern Caribbean (Cape Liberty roundtrip) Cruise on Explorer of the Seas

Norwegian Dawn

April 2010 - 7 Night Bermuda (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

Carnival Miracle

April 2009 - 8 Night Eastern Caribbean (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Miracle

Norwegian Gem

April 2008 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

Norwegian Dawn

May 2006 - 7 Night Bahamas & Bermuda (New York roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Dawn

Cruise Tips

Honolulu, Oahu

Honolulu was wonderful! We spent four days in Honolulu. Our first day, after we got off the plane we used the hotel amenities like the pool which was average but the water was a little murky, then we went to Lulus restaurant which was really good. Their aloha burger was great. The next day we went to the Polynesian cultural center was ok. My big advice is DON'T GET A TOUR GUIDE!!! Our tour guide was nice but he only took us to shows not to learn about the other islands exhibits. Before the luau which we got to see since we had the ambassador package, we got to do some activities we wanted like canoeing and weaving. My favorite part of the day was when we didn't have the tour guide. The luau was great. The roasted a big in banana leaves and had delicious poke and poi rolls. They even let volunteers (like me) do Tahitian dancing. The ha breath of life show was spectacular it took you through an immersive story of a Hawaiian tribe. The next day we took a private tour through private tours Hawaii our tour guide Greg was great, he was informative and showed us all, the sights. We saw the halona blowhole, byodo in temple, dole pineapple plantation and more. He took us to the food truck for shrimp which were delicious. Then we went to Pearl Harbor the next day. It was very emotional seeing the film of the bombing. But beware of the Hawaiian flying cockroach! They are the scariest thing I have ever seen. We went on the bowfin and the Missouri and sailed past the Arizona memorial since it was under renovation. We also saw king kamehameha and ioloni palace and punchbowl cemetery. Our tour guide kanoi was good. I lastly the day we got on the ship, the port was clean and nice and the staff was nice. We got on the ship really quickly. Our time in Honolulu was really nice and everyone should go there. There is something for everyone

Kahului, Maui

Our visit to Maui was spectacular! Our first day here we went on the road to Hana tour through Mahalo Tours. Our tour guid Jamie was pleasant and informative and was a good tour guide. The long and and windy road was interesting. We stopped at all this tropical foliage along the way. There were so many waterfalls. I even got to dip my feet in one!it was a steep climb down though so don't expect to get down there if you have mobility issues, it is extremely rocky. They give you Hawaiian delicacy a along the way such as tropical juices, banana bread( the best I have ever had) and Hawaiian potato chips. Our van was comfortable so much that two people in our group fell asleep.the port was nice there was something me soap, jewelry and clothes shops there where we all got shirts. We saw a church made out of coral. We got to take pictures with smiling horses there because there is a ranch right there. Also there is curious George's grave sight, yes he was a real monkey and his owner wore a yellow raincoat. We got to this place for lunch. It was authentic Hawaiian fools kulua pork, huli huli chicken all of that. I wasn't a big fan of the chicken but everyone else liked the chicken ( i am a very picky eater) but the very friendly cats seemed to enjoy they were so cute they let you pet them. There was a mom with kittens. We also got to hang out with chickens. I have never seen so many in my life! Our second day in Maui was also great. We booked a tour of Haleakala crater through ncl. It was unbelievable we climbed almost 10000 feet to the top of the mountain. It was about 40 degrees colder up there. We felt like we were on another planet. It looked like Mars. It was partly red from the iron oxides and looked sandy. We got good souvenirs at the gift shop. We learned about the silver sword plant that grows only on Haleakala it takes 50 years to grow then it sprouts and dies. It was very educational. We got to visit one of United States national parks. Overall our visit to Maui was great. I would come back in a second and would highly recommend you coming here.

Cruise Napali Coast, Kauai

We got to view the Napali coast from air ( a helicopter) and by sea (a cruise ship) both ways were stunning and it is a must see. Definitely worth the wake up ( the viewing was at 10:30) the cliffs and valleys were very picture worthy and you. I would love to come back and see it it is a once and a lifetime experience.

Nawiliwili, Kauai

What a beautiful place to see! We sailed around the Napali coast in the morning on the Pride of America. It was worth the wake up (10:30) the cliffs and the valleys were so lush and green you will never see anything like it. You must take pictures here when you pass. It is photo album worthy. Surprisingly one of my best shots is when we went to the opposite side of the ship where we got the coast and the ship in. When you dock you are right by some mountains and a dock where some shipping containers are. The actual port was industrial. When you get off the ship there is a short walk to Kalapaki beach which is stunning. We passed that we never actually went to it. Also there are shops that have a lot of great souvenirs including the abc store ( you will become very familiar with that name. I got a king Kamehameha statue. I also got a couple of comfy t shirts and a wooden surfboard with the Hawaiian islands carved into it in the shopping center. I also did a helicopter ride booked through Island Helicopters. Our tour guide Issac was amazing can't go wrong if you get him. It was unbelievable and informative. We went through Waimea canyon and flew passed the Napali coast. I ought it was impossible, but it was even more impressive. Waimea canyon is redish because of the iron oxides in the volcanic rock. Or is also partly green with plant life. It was a sight to see. You also pass many waterfalls including the Jurassic park waterfall and the fantasy island waterfall. All through this your tour guide is telling you what everything is though your headphone. You can also ask any questions you want through the microphone. Issac knew everything about the island. Overall our time in Kauai was fascinating and very enjoyable. I hoped you liked my book of a review cruisers! If you go you have to do something here.

Gdynia (Gdansk), Poland

We did the Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot tour through princess cruises. Our tour guide Ania was the best. She was informative and friendly. I wish I can say the same for our driver he was reckless and almost out crashed the bus twice. I did not fell safe with him behind the wheel. They our was weird. This is NOT the tour for people with mobility issues. Basically they drop you off at the city of Gdansk for two and a half hour with a map and you walk around to all the landmarks. It is really nice here and here is stuff to see. It was good exercise and I had a really good time. Next you drive past the biggest apartment building I have ever seen to Sopot. Where you walk a pretty far distance to black pearl beach. A beach in Poland? I was shocked too. It is really nice. You go to a restaurant where you will be served tea or coffee and a cake of some sort. For us it was Apple. Then you might make a photo stop in Gdynia. It said in the description that you would but, the driver just drove through in a hurry and made a u-turn. The. You head back to the ship. Gdansk Gdynia and Sopot are very nice places in there own way and I think you should come to this beautiful seaside area.

Helsinki, Finland

We took the highlights and Fazer visitor center. We saw the senate square you can climb steps to get a good picture in front of a building. There is so many cool photo ops here. I took all of them even though it was raining. We also went to the Sibelius monument. It was a architectural wonder. It was made with steel pipes that had designs carved out of them. A good picture. I even climbed up a rock and got pictures from inside the monument. If you are taking a princess cruise bring your princess tote bag because they let you sample all of there chocolates. We stuffed our pockets full of chocolate. Then we gave it out as souvenirs to my family and friends. The vegetable bread is delicious. The best is the geisha chocolate bar. It has nuts I it though. It was very intresting to learn about the process of making chocolate. They had so many cool combos of flavors. I hate to say it I am from New York and me and my family go to Hershey park every year and we buy chocolate. I have to say I think Fazer is better than Hershey😬. I loved Helsinki and I think that you should take a tour here.

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

St Petersburg was beautiful. We were there for two days. The first day we took a tour of Peterhof palace and gardens booked through princess cruises. It was breathtaking and surreal. They took really good care of the palace they even made you wear shoe covers. Everything from the fountains to chandeliers to parts of rooms were all gold guilded.There were thousands of people waiting for the fountains to start. When they did it was unlike anything you have ever seen ( maybe it was similar to Versailles). The point is it was just amazing. Then we did an evening folkloric show where we were immersed in Russian culture through music. The dancers and singers were so talented. The next day we did an easy St Petersburg tour. There was minimal walking and for good people with mobility issues. You got to see many sights. They took you to St Issac's cathedral where the largest golden dome in the world is. You will also visit the church of the savior on spilled blood. It was a sight for sore eyes. Some of the domes looked like candy and everything about was so ornate. They also stopped at a place with little vendors selling souvenirs and it had views of almost the whole city. You will also pass the hermitage. There is so much to see and do in St Petersburg that if you truly want to see it all you will have to spend more than two days here. It was unlike anything I have seen and was my second favorite port throughout the cruise (it was close but it came behind London). I would love to come back here to see everything and would recommend that you go to this port on your next voyage abroad.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a old charming city. We took the upper old town and panoramic drive tour. Besides upper old town there really isn't much to do. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in upper old town is nice and saint Mary's is ok it is very old and dates back to the 1200s. The outer wall is very old and is good for pictures. The cobblestone streets are very uneven and I would recommend walking shoes. We stopped off at a stadium and it was a nice piece of architecture.we walked up a road and it lead to a hill with a great view! We took so many pictures there. The cinnamon almonds are amazing. And there are many shops in that area. Another person in my party said this was a waste of a port. But I thought it was ok and it as definitely not the best port.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a very modern city. Gamla Stan is very old and intresting. We went on the skyview that went over the Ericson globe arena. It was not the most thrilling ride but cool. It gave you a panoramic view of the city. There is a good variety in the shops at the port. We went on the easy Stockholm and skyview tour. It was fun but in the end I would have rather gone to the vasa museum. Stockholm was a nice port.

Copenhagen, Denmark

We took the city drive and tivoli gardens tour. We went on the roller coaster which was a fun ride and vertigo which was extremely thrilling. We saw the little mermaid which is beautiful an passed by nyhavn which was like a painting. The palace is huge. There are so many bicycles. The streets are clean and the town is modern. I loved Copenhagen. We learned so much in this port.

Zeebrugge (Bruges), Belgium

Bruges is a wonderful little town! We took the Bruges and canal cruise tour with princess cruises. The gothic architecture here is exquisite and the buildings are so old. There is one of the tallest brick Buildings built by hand here and it is truly a sight to see. The canal tour was nice and relaxing. Our driver and a tape told us all the sights alongside the canal. The Michelangelo statue the "Madonna and Child" in the church of our lady is so ornate it stands outside he church for everyone to see. The Main things to shop for are chocolate, lace and the magnets and postcards. The waffles are amazing. I ate at a place called I ❤️ waffles. It had Belgian chocolate and bananas with whipped cream. One of the best things I ever ate. The two other people in my party drank beer and they said it was good. This was in my top 3 favorite ports my whole trip ( we had 8) and I would recommend this to anyone

Southampton (London), England

We stayed 3 days in the city if london in Novotel tower bridge. The sights are beautiful, Big Ben, St. Paul's cathedral and the Tower of London just to name a few of the many sight to see. The fish n' chips are delicious as are the rest of the British fare. We took the original hop on hop off tour booked through viator and it was absolutely horrid! First of all there was no air conditioning so it was like a sauna in the humidity. Second of all when we finally had enough touring ( we were hot ant tired from staying up all night from the flight) they kept stopping the bus and transferring us onto a different one. When we got on the last bus they said it would take 2 and a half HOURS! They kept passing our stop and going around again. It felt like Groundhog's day and by the end we could navigate London. This experience did not stop our fun though. The next day we had an amazing full day tour booked through viator. It was lovely we saw all of London and even got to go inside St. Paul's cathedral and see the Crown Jewels. Overall our trip to London was breathtaking. I had the best time of my life here and would go back in a second.

Cozumel, Mexico

There is always a lot of ships at port and it is very busy. There is a lot of shopping too with lot of cool products. Our favorite thing to do here Nachi Cocom. It is a beautiful beach club wit ha pool and the ocean to swim in. It is really peaceful here.

Costa Maya (Mahahual), Mexico

Everytime we went to Costa maya we always go to Nohoch Kay. It is a beautiful peaceful beach. The food is amazing and the people are friendly. We love swimming in the crystal clear waters. You can see some fish. They always bring out a huge tray of food and everything on it is great. They also have really good massages on the beach. They also have paddle boards and kayaks for free and you can use them for the day. It is a relax and unwind. I would give this a ten stars if I could.

Harvest Caye, Belize

Norwegian did a pretty good job with this island. There are many excursion options. We were going to go parasailing, but with even the slightest wind you can't go ( i am not disagreeing with it but don't book it too much n advance because it is a 50 50 shot at actually doing it)The beaches are pristine and you can see people ziplining from the lighthouse. They have a few nice stores. They have a few animal exhibits, like toucan, a parrot which wasn't there but they are putting one in the future, and a boa constrictor. They also have a butterfly sanctuary. A lot of nice photo ops all around the island.

Coxen Hole, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Roatan an is such a nice island, before we took a catamaran and snorkeled which was amazing. We saw schools of fish and a huge coral reef. This time we took a tour around the island. We went to a place where you went in to a cage and monkeys played around and sat on you. We also got to hold a sloth and let parrots sit on your hand and if you want head ( There is a lot of photo ops here people.) We went to a store and bought some amazing wood sculptures including a toucan, parrot and an engraved mug with my name on it. We drove through fields with palm trees lining the roads. on the way back to your ship they have little stands selling fresh coconut water in the coconut. It so refreshing after a long hot day of touring. They will even cut it open for you so you can eat it. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Miami, Florida

Miami is beautiful. Our hotel was on the canal and it was like looking at a postcard. I had probably the best Italian food I have ever had in Miami (I am from New York) . It was called Fratelli Milano. everything there was outstanding. Our party of six had The margarita pizza , meatballs and a burrata salad. We also had Gnocchi, a pasta with pear and cheese (this was the star dish,trust me on this one) and many other things that were just as delicious. the top three deserts are the chocolate soufflé, lemon tart and the tiramisu. It is such a beautiful city and I can't wait to go back.

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