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December 2012 - Carnival Legend to Caribbean - Western

everything was great but with some problems

Cozumel was as expected and the excursion was coordinated correctly. We didn’t look around, we went on an excursion, but the people who didn’t go on an excursion loved it and seemed to have a fantastic time. We went to the Mayan ruins, had a good time. People can’t get on the ruins anymore but it was still fantastic to see. Belize was NOT what was expected. I recommend you do an excursion, if not; you will be on a dock like area about 300 feet long and about half a block deep. Unless you LOVE buying jewelry and EXTREMELY high priced T-shirts, don’t just stop at Belize. Do an excursion! Honduras was great! Beautiful Port area, wide open, clean, new looking, and things seemed to be priced right. Go check out the Passport stamp area. You get a stamp in your passport for a donation! No other place offers that. Honduras actually did not give you a long time, which is a shame because we had a blast! We went on the excursion to Tabyana Beach Break, that is the place to go if you like sitting under a palm tree, hear the waves, and occasionally or all the time, play in the water. When we first got there, the venders were annoying but the staff made them stay on the borders of the property and not mingle with the guests. Cayman Islands is another Excursion place. It did have the 7 mile beach and you spend a long time there, it also had jewelry, jewelry, jewelry stores Galore! It seemed that the entire place was a jewelry store. The cabs offer to take you to the beach for 40$ but you can ride the public buses (which are minivans with a 'WB#" on them and they will honk as they come up on you and you just have to wave) that costs $2.50 per person each way to just about anywhere on the island it didn’t get over 4$ per person.

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Carnival Legend Carnival Legend - Buy anything at port of tampa, taxes are added! Beware! Turn OFF cell phones or a surprise from cell phone carrier will be instore! Internet on boat is SLOW and COSTLY! if you drink a lot of Sodas, get the "all the soda coupon" and buy the Carnival travel cup (you can pre mix your drinks and add soda or just use them for soda, holds more and doesnt spill. Get one "All you can drink soda stamp" for every two people, get a Carnival travel cup per person, then go a bar to fill up on one, then to next bar to get another refill. Basically you use one soda coupon for two people, just dont use the same bar to fill up both cups. Call Bon Voyage (1.800.764.7419)and request alcohol in the room. a little extra than at home, but A LOT less than per drink. Most drinks are 11-17 per drink. Liqour by the bottle (1 liter) about 50-60$ can get up to 4 liters per room. Get to excursion checkout 15 min later than they state, so you can get right on the tenders, instead of waiting in a room for the tenders. liqour by the drink coupons are worthless unless you only drink beer. Check all luggage unless you really want to lug suitcases around everywhere!

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lilbear received a helpful vote on their Carnival Legend cruise review - everything was great but with some problems

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