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Majesty of the Seas

Majesty of the Seas

Sail Date: July 14, 2014

Might be time to retire this ship!

I've taken well over 10 cruises with various cruise lines and this was my worst experience yet!  The boat itself is quite old and in need of sprucing up/updates. Our oceanview room was TINY with very old furniture, closets, curtains (Bulky TV).  Very Love Boat-'ish'.  Felt as if crew was in training.  Very little in the way of entertainment and activities on board (seriously, some nights the biggest event was Karaoke). Casual dining room hours were minimal - no real food options for 'grown ups' after 9 pm; which is very unusual on other cruise lines; options included pizza (we're 'frozen pizza' quality) or Johnny Rockets - where you had to pay a cover of $6.  We'd come back on board and there were no real food options (other than the limited rm service menu).  On a cruise?!  Are you kidding me?  Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines casual dining rooms are open for extended periods - usually when the formal dining rooms were closed; usually until 10:30 or 11:00pm with no more than 1-2 hours between meals. Carnival and Norwegian also keep their ice cream machines open after the dining room is closed; not the case on this cruise.  Captains/formal night was scheduled on the only day we had extended port hours - so our option was to miss several hours of our port stay or miss formal night.  When there were 2 other days where we had to be back on the boat before 5 pm. You'd think R.C. would have chosen an evening when we were at 'sea' rather than compete with the port of call.  At 2 of the ports of call visited, we spent over an hour of port time either waiting for a tender or the immigration process.  When you only have 5-6 hours at a port, losing 1-2 hours waiting in a line is not acceptable. However, if you purchased a R.C excursion, you were granted 'priority' status and could disembark ahead of the 'common' people (as if only those who purchased a R.C excursion was  entitled to the full port experience...!).  The final straw - we were offered late disembarkation (so those with later flights could let customers with early flights disembark first); however, there was absolutely no accommodations made for us - cafeteria was closed; even the small café was closed; not even so much as a cup of coffee/water on the pool deck. The only place we could go was 1 of the lounges (no water there either); where we sat like prisoners waiting to be released; and by this time, the restrooms were not fit for human use either.  Come on Royal Caribbean!  I know this was a short cruise, but your customers still deserve a quality cruising experience. This has definitely soured me to R.C. - I will give my loyalty to a cruise line who actually values me as a customer.


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Majesty of the Seas

Majesty of the Seas

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