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Norwegian Breakaway

November 2015 - Norwegian Breakaway to Caribbean - Bahamas

Great cruiseline, terrible ship

First of all, I love Norweigian, I've been cruising with them since 2003 and love the freestyle concept and that is what is wrong with the Breakaway.  The amount of passengers overwhelm the seating capacity of many of the free amenities on the boat.  For example, the theater has limited capacity and you need to reserve a seat in advance.  Never have I had to do that before on any other Norwegian boat or any other cruise line.  And, I felt, the staff on the boat was overwhelmed with the amount of people and there were a few servers that didn't care for the passengers.  One other comment regarding the entertainment.  The cruise offers Rock of Ages as their free show.  I live ten miles out of NYC, I can see a broadway play anytime and this ship claims to be a NYC based boat but the show was terrible.  The singers were off key, the acting was poor... I compare it to a High School play.  If you claim to be NYC based, your going to get a lot of NYC people so you better offer a quality play.  As for their Cirque type play, be prepared to pay for it.  Thats not freestyle cruising.  I understand you have to pay upcharges for some restaurants, which were very good but the entertainment should be free.  It's not and it was explained by the customer service people that, although they serve dinner, you are paying for the show.  I didnt go on a cruise to be nickel and dimed for what should be free on any boat.   They also sit you, as customer service explained, family style so you will be eating with other passengers.  One of the reasons I enjoy Norwegian is the ability to sit with my family, on my vacation without being forced to share my time with them.  I turned down the show and ate elsewhere.  Again, love the cruiseline but if this is the future of Norwegian, I'll take my business elsewhere.   Also, the NY Pier is a disaster, the capacity overwhelms the design of the pier so there is a lot of waiting to board but the pier becomes uncomfortable.  Breakaway is very disappointing

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Breakaway cruise review - Great cruiseline, terrible ship

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