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December 2015 - Carnival Fantasy to Caribbean - Bahamas

It was a cruise, nothing more.

We were told what time to be there to embark. That time flew by quickly. Thru out most of the cruise, we observed alot of timing issues. Most notably in the dining room, serving food. The food was really nothing special. And if you thought that there was unlimited lobster tail and steak, think again. Steak and lobster were $20 extra, per meal, for one serving. Most of the time the food arrived cold to warm. We observed, what we thought why. Everyone was sat at individual tables, no commune sitting. The group that took care of you would take your order, and place it. They they would bring out 12-15 orders at a time. If your table was last in, you got yours last. And they didn't start serving right away. No, the dinners would sit there till the wait staff decided to start, sometimes 5-10 minutes. As for the wait staff, most of them were not someone I would have working in my restaurant. Alot of them seemed to think you were an inconvenience. And most acted as if they were there as hostages being force to do their job. Contrary to the belief that you had the same wait staff every meal was also false. Every meal, in the same dining room, had a different group. We never had a repeat wait staff. We did the Chef table. That was our highlight moment. 3 hour, 7 course meal in a private area. Plus they take you behind the scenes to the kitchen to see how it all runs. Then there was the nickle and dimeing. We paid for a package that would allow us to get soft drinks and juices for free, anytime we wished. I wish they could explain the extra charges everytime we got a refill. Everywhere you went you were being inundated with stuff you needed to by. Jewelry, watches and booze. Our room was great, and by tipping the woman who was in charge of our rooms, early, assured us great service. What ever we required, we had on the spot. The shows we attended were fun and there was alot of activities to keep you busy while being on board, at sea. The weather was ok, but at times you could not walk a straight line. I found sleeping to be nice, with the gentle boat locking at night, my wife not so much. The shore trip was terrible. The buss arrived 30-40 minutes late. And since it was booked with other boats there, we had our trip cut in half. The reason, their boat was leaving early. What kind of organization was that. Cruise.dom was the cruise booking agent. Book your sight seeing and other shore trips directly thru the cruise line, not a 3rd party group. 

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Carnival Fantasy Carnival Fantasy - Get some friendly dining room staff who don't act as hostages. Also what is with the extra charges.

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