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January 2018 - 9 Night Southeast Coast & Bahamas (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Grandeur of the Seas

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August 2016 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

First cruise honeymoon/birthday

I enjoyed most of my first cruise the only parts that I have to say that I frowned upon were that we boarded the ship late about 2 to 3 hours late ( less time to get situated) missed out on show's and things to do we missed a port completely RAN into and I mean straight into the storm the boat actually tipped on its side for like 10 minutes our bathroom door slammed shut broke off the handle snapped the screw in half and was jammed shut got home super early less time for our last shows and foods now for the good parts we did book excursions we went to forever Florida omg Soooooooooo much fun but was disappointed that carnival didn't pay for more things at this port after this we had a hot stones massage it was nice but the ladies after were trying to push products onto us they were nice don't get me wrong but pushy as all get out learned allot for Nassau we booked the native quest for the amount that we paid for this excursion I would have expected bigger samples you get like a tiny itty bitty sample but overall it was fun and educational after this one we walked around and it was like every 5 seconds "want your hair braided" " hey lady want your hair braided" this one guy ran up on us kind of ambushed us started putting a bracelet on my wrist before I could say no and kept looking around like someone was going to jump him put it on my wrist gave my newly Wed husband 2 bracelets and was like "help the needy children the crippled children" still looking around like that so my husband builds out 23 dollars about ready to have the guy the 3 dollars the guy snached it all and ran off so needless to say we made our way back to the boat again with the hair braiding every 5 seconds we were glad to make it back on the boat after we board later in the day there was an announcement that we were skipping our lasts port that one was going to be the all inclusive free booze and food exclusive beach paid extra for this one and we skip it I would just like to say that if I knew earlier in the day that we water going to skip this port I would have upgraded to the Atlantis package I wanted to go there so bad but was too expensive since we had got our monies back from Freeport I would have upgraded to Atlantis the staff was wonderful I didn't like that after a certain hour that you couldn't get drinks except from the room service we paid for the bottomless bubbles and they do not explain that that program doesn't work on room service so we had to pay for the drinks that we paid for on that program now admittedly we did get our money back for the excursion that we got in Freeport plus 11 dollars I do not think that was satisfactory for me

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