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Carnival Triumph

October 2014 - Carnival Triumph to Caribbean - Western


This was our first cruise and we loved it! We are already planning our next trip. Everyone made our trip very enjoyable. I got priority on our boarding passes because my friends all told me to I am so glad I did! When we got to the port it was very organized but also very crowded we got to go ahead of everyone and go to a special waiting area where we were boarded first that was nice. Oh and we did check several bags at the terminal and each took one carry on with a change of clothes/swimsuit because I read that sometimes its a long time until you get your bags but it is a lot of bags and a lot of people to deliver them to if I had it to do all over again I would not have brought so many clothes just pack casual comfortable clothes that do not wrinkle easily sandals and maybe two casual/dressy outfits for dinner I think it will be easier if we do not check our bags and just carry on a rolling suitcase and a backpack each which is what I saw a lot of other people doing. Our first stop at port was in progresso mexico we went to an all inclusive resort on the beach it was nice the staff was great the bus ride there was kind of sad the town is very run down trash everywhere not at all what I thought it would be we had time to stop at the port and shop when we got back to the ship the people give everyone a different price after sizing you up. My son wanted a henna tattoo that he saw some people getting so I took him in my son is 11 he loves sea turtles and wanted a small one on the back of his hand they were telling other people like10 dollars which I thought was high but he really wanted it so while he was getting it I left him with his dad and went to the restroom when I came back they were done and had charged my husband 40 dollars he paid because he thought I agreed to that ridiculous price but lesson learned and others were almost as bad we just went back to the ship the next day we stopped in Cozumel I truly want to go back there it was beautiful the water was crystal clear blue we done a dolphin encounter with our son which was great but after seeing the water we were wishing we had went snorkeling instead We went shopping at the port the people were very nice not like progresso at all and it was very clean there no trash lining the streets we just wish we could have stayed longer our ship was the triumph it was very nice my son loved the slide the food is excellent Most of the time when we called room service our order was wrong but it was quickly corrected. My husband said to me this vacation was the most relaxed vacation we have ever taken and its true we didn't have fly which I hate it always makes me tense we didn't have to rent a car when we got to our destination we were chauffeured everywhere we didn't have to worry with directions  it was all so care free.  We also really liked the shows on board several musical type shows and a magic show my son loved there was a family comedy show that was great we laughed so hard! My husband and I both drink so we got the drink pass it is expensive almost 400 dollars for 5 days but the drinks are expensive so you will probably spend more than that if you don't get it but they wont let you get it the first night so  we brought a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne which you can bring in your carry on.

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Cozumel, Mexico - Awesome beautiful beaches crystal blue water nice people very clean loved it

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Triumph cruise review - CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Triumph cruise review - CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Triumph cruise review - CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!

received a helpful vote on their Carnival Triumph cruise review - CANT WAIT TO GO BACK!

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