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Norwegian Jade

February 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Houston Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Jade

Norwegian is the 50/50 cruise line still. Time to up your par NCL

While this wasn't my first or second cruise with Norwegian, it was my 3rd. I have actually been on this ship when it was the Pride of Hawaii. I suppose it was better when I was cruising around Hawaii, I don't remember the ship being so small. First, the ship was much smaller than I recalled. I went to show my boyfriend around as it was his first cruise. Well a short walk and we had completed the tour. Not much left to see or do. The activities were lacking. The casino was small. The shop was the smallest shop I've ever seen on a ship, don't expect to find anything if you forgot to pack won't find much. 


What I do like about Norwegian is the lack of 20-somthing aged Carnival partiers hanging around acting like insane fools. I don't miss the 100+ families that allow their children to act like undisciplined mongrels. I myself have 4 kids and have taken them on a cruise and they were so well behaved they got praises every meal.....I don't miss the 20-something aged party seeking people acting like children neither..... Norwegian is for those aged 30+. You will find that most are 45+ but if you enjoy quiet cruises not dedicated to a huge party you will enjoy NCL for that much at least. 


It's not the large array of different aged guests quite like Royal Caribbean...RC is much more of young, family, and some wiser guests. It isn't quite the age of Princess Cruises either though. NCL is just the calmer, older crowd which I do not mind.....(we aren't talking Holland America here....calm down) 


The Pro: Freestyle cruising. I still love being able to come back and eat when I like. I will say that we were so bored on this ship we ate dinner every meal first thing. No restriction on when you have to rush back to go to dinner or eat really really late was still a plus. 


CON: NCL still has some of the worst food of any cruise line I have been on. Dessert? NO thanks, everything tastes like sponge cake with color. Snickerdoodle pound cake? why sure I love snickerdoodle cookies and cinnamon! Oh wait....hold on...where's the cinnamon? No cinnamon or sugar? sooooo it's just regular pound cake with a scoop of ice cream? what kind of trickery is this????

Oh but the crepe bar was nice. Could be better, but was delicious considering our meals most of the cruise.

My favorite: bananas foster....don't get your hopes up here. It only resembles the dish being that it had bananas and a sauce similar in color to bananas foster....who forgot to order cinnamon????!!! 

Again, no cinnamon on the bananas foster, no cooked bananas, the sauce was a mixture of butterscotch and some sort of citrus flavor mixed with sayyyy passionfruit??? I don't even know what to call that conglomerate of a dessert that I ate 2 bites of....only to try to figure out what the freaking heck it was made of. 


PRO: You are on vacation!!! You are in peaceful serenity!!


CON: you chose this over that awesome Royal Caribbean ship with more activities. 


If you find yourself choosing this cruise based on the great price.....enjoy yourself and go into it knowing you must bring board games to occupy yourself and just kick back with your smuggled booze and relax......

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Carnival Freedom

May 2015 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Galveston Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Freedom

Carnival is Carnival

It's Carnival. There isn't much to say for me. If you cruise Carnival first, I know I think it's the best. For me, no. It was cheap, it was vacation, it was a cruise, it was nice. Too many party goers, too many wild children running around. Older ships


PROS: Carnival has awesome staff. Carnival has a few fun things going on every day. Carnival actually has good food.



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Liberty of the Seas

May 2007 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Liberty of the Seas

Pride of Hawaii (RETIRED) 20016

June 2006 - June 05, 2006 Cruise on Pride of Hawaii (RETIRED)

Caribbean Princess

June 2004 - 7 Night Classic Eastern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale roundtrip) Cruise on Caribbean Princess

Nice Ship

Good ship. Pretty. Nice balcony rooms. Good food. Much older crowd. Peaceful. Not as good of a balance of peaceful and fun and Royal Caribbean cruises

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Jubilee (RETIRED) 20041

January 2003 - January 25, 2003 Cruise on Jubilee (RETIRED)

Norwegian Sun

July 2002 - 7 Night Exotic Western Caribbean (Miami roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Sun

kimberlynmatthew's Tips

Coxen Hole, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras - Stick with Tabyana beach. After 5 trips to Honduras.....It is the best. French Key was touristy, murky water from so many people and totally loses the beauty of Honduras beach. I left french key after an hour, shear disappointment in it. Take the beach tour, you won't regret it.
Cozumel, Mexico - Take a cab to Nachi Comcom. the drivers will always tell you that you should go to Mr Sancho instead and that you need a reservation. BUT my second time doing it with no reservation and nearly empty...despite drivers telling me the place was full and has 100 people....more like 15.... it is a quiet all-inclusive beach with a beautiful beach and peace and quiet. Worth the push to the driver.
Belize City, Belize - IF you don't have time for Caye Caulker....go to Goffes Cay. It is worth it. secluded, non touristy place. GORGEOUS
Norwegian Jade Norwegian Jade - Great Outdoor cafe is still one of the biggest perks of NCL ships. Eating off the back in the awesome weather is the best.

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