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Coral Princess

September 2014 - Coral Princess to Alaska - Gulf of Alaska

An amazing Alaska adventure, not the greatest cruise ship experience.

We loved Alaska, and were amazed by all that we saw.  We've been on five cruises so far and plan to take many more.  We especially love our online travel specialists: Cruises Only.  But we probably won't sail on Princess again.  It is too bad a couple of negative experiences affected us so much.  The ship itself was fine, our room steward was fine, the food was OK.  But here is the major negative experience:

We came back from a wonderful day trip (through wet, dirty and tired and were looking forward to showers, and dinner.  I got first chance at the shower.  I turned on the water facing the faucet and couldn't find any cool water. I messed with the faucet for a while, but was getting scalded. I tried the sink but no cool water there either. Suddenly all water just stopped running.  My husband called the front desk to see if there was a problem and when it would be resolved.  They said they'd get back to us.  About an hour later the head steward came to our room.  He wanted to see if we had cold water and if the shower was OK.  By then it was, but we had given up.  I told him my story and he showed my how to use the shower.  I assured him by the fourth day I certainly new how to use the shower.  He treated me like he didn't believe me, because now it was working fine.  He never said,"sorry, or this was the problem......" just everything is fine now.  Our family members next door said they were in their bathroom at the same time (they heard my screams) to get a cold drink and couldn't find any cold water either.  We went to the dining room and I stopped into the restroom on that floor.  Two women were in there talking about coming to this restroom because the toilets in their staterooms wouldn't flush.  So there was a problem, I was making it up like the steward made me feel.  I would have appreciated any response showing remorse for my experience, but none came.

By the way we asked for an ice bucket in our room for three days, finally our steward showed us it was in the fridge! We didn't want anything out of the fridge because of the charge.  He seemed to think we were stupid.

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