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September 2016 - Grand Princess to Mexico

Mexico 10 Day Cruise 2016

The music groups that played dancing music were great.  They played very danceable music and a lot of dancers enjoyed themselves.  The DJ music was not very good.  The DJ seemed to want to play music that he liked for himself and didn't play what the passengers wanted to or could dance to.  You need a DJ who plays the to the crowd, not to his ego-dominant self.

Everything else was great, except the dinners in the dining room were overpowering. The food was delicious, but there were too many sauces and the food was too ambitious, too rich.  Great cooks do not need to cover up everything with a rich sauce.  This did not seem to be food that is preferred in fine restaurants in the U.S. - too culturally different.  Would have preferred a few choices of traditional dishes. Not much to choose from that was not overly rich and "saucy". How about a steak without a rich overpowering sauce? Or maybe shrimp with the traditional garlic and butter instead of a strange flavored sauce?  The dining room food was just a bit too "strange" this cruise. The food in the Horizon Lounge always gave good and varied choices.  The desserts were all good, especially in the dining room.  Entertainment on stage was good and the lecture series was great.


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Mazatlan, Mexico - Again, took the public bus to the end of the line and back and passed by all the rich resorts. Go to the church (especially on a Saturday) and you might get to attend a wedding like we did. Culturally interesting downtown area. Fun to be in the old section. People are friendly and nice.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Most interesting port. We get on a public bus across from where the ship docks and go to the end of the line and back. Great way to see the city for less than 1 dollar per person. No street phones work. Go to WalMart and use their public phone to use your international phone card.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - A boring place to stop. Cabo San Lucas doesn't offer much to the tourist except drinking alcohol and cheap trinkets. I don't want to go here again. Would prefer the Loreto or La Paz port. The entire southern Baja Peninsula is not a very safe to be running around by yourself.
Manzanillo, Mexico - A very rustic place. The people are very nice. If you speak Spanish it helps in a place like this.
Grand Princess Grand Princess - If you are a couple, ask for a table of 8 in the dining room. This makes for a good group and good conversation.

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