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October 2015 - Norwegian Sun to Mexico

Promises, promises.....

Not once on the entire 12 day cruise did a NCL employee come to the 12 aft smoking area and ask any of us if we wanted a beverage. to top that, rarely did and NCL employee come to clear/clean tables and empty ashtrays which were in short supply. The day it rained in PV, massive cups, dishes, glasses and silverware were heaped on the tables from the night before and were now covered in ash and that black stuff coming from the ship. which people had on there balconies that NCL did not come to clean up. I now have clothes ruined with that black "stuff" on them. I thought it would come out in the wash at home but it;s nasty stuff. I also was awakened  most days by repairs be made somewhere close to my room. Scraping, pipe banging and pounding which went on most of the day. It was hard to sneak in a nap with that  going on. Your in room TV ads say you want to meet or beat my expectations.....well, you have not. The $13.50 a day service charge is outright theft. I did not go to dinning room the entire cruise and your front desk said it was for buffet employees and other employees. I don't know of any other cruise line who extorts this way. also, Carnival allows it's guests to bring one bottle of wine on board without a charge. I had to pay $15. Unfortunately I booked that future cruise deposit for four, regrettably, I wish I could get my money back and stick with Carnival where I can at least get a drink served to me. In fact I was never asked anywhere on the entire ship if i wanted a drink.  the smell of my cabin. There was a smell of sewage coming from my bathroom sink which is normally caused by bad "venting". None the less, whatever caused it, there it was. all day, all night. I did not report it as i was pretty sure that there was nothing to be done about the problem. Last but not least was a 3 foot fall off the tender from cabo. The tender was heaving every so often and when it was my turn they crew did not have a hold of me and the tender rose up but my weight was already committed over the halfway point and there is a drop just off the tender as it is and i fell 3 feet on my knee and elbow, which i have pictures of. NOT A CRUISE I WILL REMEMER, oh wait, i will as it was probably the worst one I've ever been on.

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Sun cruise review - Promises, promises.....

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Sun cruise review - Promises, promises.....

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Sun cruise review - Promises, promises.....

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