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Grand Princess

September 2014 - Grand Princess to Alaska - Inside Passage

Mixed feelings


Comments on our recent Cruise Vancouver – California coastal sept 22- Oct 2 2014

Grand Princess


Lineups were long for check in. Agent told us it was because there was no US clearance required so there was no "buffer" to even out the flow. Also there were a large number of handicapped passengers. I believe that Princess had prior knowledge of these factors and could have mitigated the impact.


On disembarkation the crew seemed disorganised not knowing who was doing what. We for example were to assemble in the explorers lounge while the gangway was at the other end of the ship. So there were numerous traffic jams with passengers and their luggage trying to negotiate hallways in opposite directions. Also directions to passengers were unclear or not heard. The PA system only worked in the lounges but could not be heard by people outside the lounge.

The ship


The layout of the Grand seemed constricted in some areas and many people complained of being lost even after 10 days. We felt the casino was small. The number of pools sauna and hot tubs were great! Thanks!


Kudos! While most other Princess ships have small and Spartan smoking areas. The Grand was well set up in this regard. @ Lounge areas at the stern, a smoking room in the casino and on deck 15 mid areas. I am not a smoker but my wife is. She and they people she met in smoking greatly appreciated this!


On several occasions mostly amidships on decks 5, 6 and7 there was a distinct sulphurous odor. On one occasion I reported it to passenger services. Having worked in the process industries, I expected immediate action. But nothing happened. Never knew what it was but I personally think it was sewage.

Communications Management

WE had 4 incidents apparently on the cruise. (At least according to the passenger pipeline)

1. An early morning fire in the kitchen

2. A medical emergency at Santa Barbara

3. A tender broke down at Santa Barbara

4. A tender struck a private boat at Santa Barbara

We were never updated as to the fire or the tender incidents

All we were told in Santa Barbara was that there was a technical issue. That infuriated people because it delayed our excursions (some were cancelled) so we were left to make up our own versions of what happened. And none of them were complimentary.

Good corporate governance includes Transparency as a key value for the very best companies. Where does Princess stand on this?


This is another success story. All venues served great food. This has been a consistent factor in all our princess cruises. Congratulations!


This is another positive note. All personnel we met were eager to please, friendly and always available when we needed them.

Cruise Direction

Mike and Cory

I think we enjoyed Mike and Cory more than any previous 2 cruise directors. A great balance of sincerity and fun! Great Job!!

Entertainment/ program

The entertainment and games were all well done as we are used to on Princess Ships. We particularly liked Duncan Tuck. A great combination of musical talent and humor. We are finding that the Broadway style dance shows are a bit stale. So we did not attend these shows.


Particularly during times when organization was important such as tendering, embarking, disembarking, a number of the passengers noticed the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. I observed that most things are set up for mobile people. You might consider special facilities for handicapped people.

Future Cruises

We have enjoyed our entire princess cruises. But now were are getting a bit bored of the same old thing- layouts, things to do, itinerary’s. The captains circle club does not incent us enough between platinum and next level. So we have little to lose by shopping around for the next one. It doesn’t mean we are walking away. It’s just that a change would be nice for a while.

Jack and Gisele Hamlin.

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Golden Princess

September 2013 - Golden Princess to Alaska - Inside Passage

awsome family trip

we went for a amily cruise with grandkids from 7 to11plus their parents.  weather was of course cool at this time of year but we had a few good weather days.  the most amazing thing was how well they catered to the grandkids.- 5 in all.  theycwere so well looked after!  plus the swimming pools!  it was just fabulous.  only one issue however was our 11 year old grandson fell between the age groups.  he was not allowed access to the arcade yet hewas certainly mature enough.


Service was always great- a comment from everyone in our group of 13.  


Scenery and excursions were top notch as expected.


The ship was in good shape throughout.  we enjoyed all dining venues including the specialty restaurants.


All in all a great trip

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Emerald Princess

January 2013 - Emerald Princess to Caribbean - Eastern

good the second time around

we sailed on the emerald during its first year and we were very impressed.  the second time i have to admit that it was starting to show some wear and tear over 3 years of servive.  We travelled with very good freinds and really enjoyed the itinerary.


Consistently on all our Princess cruises the service was first class.  there was always someone close by to do what ever we needed.  and always with a big smile.  we made many freinds of crew members on this trip.


Food was goodin the main dining rooms and buffet.  its quite a challenge to cater to 3000 different palets and the emerald did a great job.


Entertainment was very good.  we enjoyed the crooners piano bar in particular.  loved the piano payer.  he really got the room jumping.  standing room omly!



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