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March 2015 - 3 Night Bahamas (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Majesty of the Seas

Good Budget Cruise

If you're on a timetable and can't get away often (work, kids, university, etc...) then a three day cruise is the way to go. It's long enough to get you away from all your stressors and introduce you to a bit of fun in the sun. However, as with all things, there are a few drawbacks. Pros: Staff is INCREDIBLY friendly and accommodating. If you're not happy with the standard meal choices, you can visit Johnny Rocket's. A whole day on a private island. The dinner. Cons: The standard food (buffet and lunches) The other rude guests (loud, obnoxious, and drunk) Everything costs a little bit (or more than just a bit Coco Cay isn't owned by the cruise lines, merely leased (see below)

I think what really made the cruise shine were the employees. They were incredibly nice, welcoming, helpful, and accommodating. I think if they had been rude or felt bothered by my presence, the cruise would have truly been not worth it. I am also happy that Johnny Rocket's was onboard; their food was great (regardless of the limited selection due to logistics). We ate at Johnny Rocket's and were NOT disappointed; they even danced!! The buffet food was sorely lacking, but it's understandable why: for that many people, quantity trumps quality. A lot of individuals on that cruise don't care whether you fed them hamburgers and hot dogs or caviar, they'd eat it and go back to doing whatever it was they were doing. So from an efficiency point of view, I can understand why the food was so bland but plentiful. The people who were on this cruise were split into about five categories: 1) Snowbirds escaping the cold (regardless of their motives) 2) Tourists squeezing in a cruise while on vacation to Miami 3) Tour Groups 4) Families, friends, & couples vacationing 5) Young people trying to hook up The first two categories were easily the nicest and most dignified of the bunch. The third were loud but generally pretty nice and kept mostly to themselves. The fourth group was mostly a mixed bag since several groups were beyond inebriated and were acting like fools, but outside of the dinner hall were tolerable. The fifth group generally only came out after a certain time to mingle and try to hook up. Finally, while on the cruise I asked around and spoke to some people and found out that Coco Cay isn't owned by the Cruise Lines, it's leased and because of this, the island isn't as beautiful as it could be. Meaning they haven't sunk money into it because it doesn't benefit them doing so. The waters surrounding the beach are beautiful but generally filled with seaweed.

On a closing note, I'd like to add something. We've all heard the ancient adage of "You get what you pay for." This is exactly such a case. This isn't a Princess Cruise or a Celebrity Cruise. This isn't Oceania nor Crystal Cruise. If you know what you're getting into and compare what you're paying to what it WOULD cost you on another cruise, you'll realize you're getting a good deal. Go with that mentality and realize that it could always be worse, you could always be stuck in Disney World paying more and getting less! Anchors Away, mates!


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