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Carnival Sunshine

April 2016 - 8 Night Eastern Caribbean (Port Canaveral Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Sunshine

Great Cruise!

I would be very mindful about booking through a travel agent when booking a cruise only because, in my case, Carnival will not speak to you about your cruise if you have booked through an agent--it is frustrating and time consuming having to call the travel agent and wait on hold while an uninterested 3rd party handles your business for you.  (It is so easy for them to say that they tried to get something done for you and the cruise line would not do it)   When booking our cruise, we were traveling with a group of 10, travel agent said yes, we were at the same dinner table and we requested early dining seating.  When we arrived onboard, none of us were at the same table and we were scheduled for late dining (which in turn caused us to miss all of the shows).  Carnival would not accommodate our request to be seated together, nor would they accommodate the request for an early seating arrangement.  The impression that I got was that Carnival resented that we had gone through a travel agent and would make no concessions for us.

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Carnival Sunshine

Carnival Sunshine

Make sure you double check the "new" rules, the website still says that you can take 12 bottles/cans with you onboard but my eight pack of diet mt. new was confiscated and loads of water was taken in the boarding terminal. The reason is still unclear.

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