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Celebrity Summit

June 2017 - Celebrity Summit to Bermuda

Celebrity Summit-Bermuda

This was my 31st cruise that I have been on. I've been on multiple cruise lines, however, the majority of my cruises have been with Royal Caribbean. For the most part, Royal has been great. This past Christmas, my wife and I took a cruise through Royal and it was the worst experience I have ever had. My wife and I have lived a part for the last 2 and 1/2 years while I've been finishing my doctorate, so vacation is a very sacred thing to us. Our opinion was messed up so much in fact by this cruise that we almost decided to never to take a cruise again. 


For some reason, someone from church talked us into going on a celebrity cruise. I decided to give it a shot. I'm a diamond member on Royal so I knew my status would transfer from them to Celebrity so we'd be able to get our amenities. 


Because we are young (27 years of age), my wife and I always get the "look" when we walk into events for diamond members, and this has not changed even with the move to celebrity. What did change was the treatment the staff gave my wife and I. It was incredibly gracious. Instead of giving us this elaborate stare-down, and the interrogation of a life time (as we get on Royal ships) they welcomed us, and actually came and talked with us unlike most diamond lounge concierge attendants do on Royal ships (not all have been bad, but not all have been great either). 


Our stateroom attendant, our waiters, bartenders, etc. were INCREDIBLE. The things that have been issues in the past were not issues anymore. Celebrity does things that are focused on details. Mints on the pillows, towels instead of paper towels in the bathroom, constant bathroom attendants keeping things clean...everything you could imagine was taken care of. There were more activities for my age group like the silent disco (so much fun) and the taste of film (where you watch a movie and they cook for you what's in the movie). My wife and I had so much fun! 


Everyone has heard the statement, "You get what you pay for." In all my power I'm trying to avoid going on another Royal cruise and sticking to Celebrity. My wife and I do not have kids, so this cruise is perfect for the young couple that doesn't have kids, the middle-aged folks who are empty-nesters, and the older individuals that haven't had kids or grandkids in the home for a long time. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for a much higher quality of product. 

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Navigator of the Seas

December 2016 - Navigator of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Amazing Diamond Lounge, but a Terrible Cruise

I have been on many, many cruises, none of which were this terrible. My wife and I are diamond members through Royal Caribbean. When you have cruised as much as we have, there becomes this unsaid expectation of what a cruise should be. I have never had a bad experience on Royal Caribbean and assumed that this trip would be no different.


One of the worst parts of our cruise was our stateroom attendant. She was incredibly rude from the start. She did not introduce herself till the middle of the muster drill (while we were leaving to go to our station). All week my wife and I were having issues with her. There were never enough towels. I'd find her in the hallway, ask for more towels, and not receive them for hours after my shower. She would give us the wrong cruise compasses during the week, so anytime we wanted to know what was going on we would have to go down to guest services to find out what happened. She was incredibly loud. My wife and I work very hard during the week and our vacation time is quiet valuable. She would start cackling and going on at 7am, and would wake our entire area of deck 6 up. It was miserable. On more than one occasion I would catch her complaining about how much she hated her job and how terrible it was to clean these rooms. She would complain about passengers and how messy their rooms were from the night before. What truly was the worst, was when she would constantly talk about partying after her shift was up and the detailed comments she would make about her explorations. I don't need to know that and she should be holding some sort of professionalism. She was the worst stateroom attendant I've ever had.


Our room attendant was bad, however, our dining experience was just as bad. Normally, the dining room is our place to enjoy ourselves throughout the evening with a bottle of wine, good food, and good conversation. Not this time. Our service was unique to say the least. Multiple times, even though we would arrive on time or early, we would be getting our appetizers while the rest of the people around us were finishing dessert. Our waiter never explained the menu to us, never greeted us, and never explained what the dress code was for each night. Finally, my wife and I just gave up and went and ate at other restaurants around the ship.


To top everything off, our final night on the ship I was washing my hands in the bathroom. I hear our neighbors in a stateroom next to us flush their toilet. All of a sudden my feet are soaking wet in a filthy, smelly substance that is about 3 inches high. I run to call custodial staff to tell them there was a leak of some sort. They said they would be there shortly. That was at midnight. I called a second time to notify them that the water was one came. Finally, around 12:45 someone showed up. When they showed up they were eating pizza. Yes, I said it, pizza. So they had to finish their pizza before they could clean our room. By the time they got out of there it was 2am. 


Finally, the deportation process. I was given the number 12. I had transportation through the cruise company to get me to the airport. I thought to myself, "I've never had an issue with this process! This part will be easy." Wrong again. The day before I had gone and asked guest services twice if my number was right. They explained that there was no problem and I would be fine in making my flight. The next morning, I knew something was wrong. I went up and asked a worker about my number, showing her the receipt to my transportation. She explained that I should have been number 2, not number 12. I had to argue with her to get off of the ship because we would miss our flight, and she rudely told me that we would be standing in the ship terminal waiting on our luggage. Luckily, because we were suppose to be on the early group leaving the ship, our luggage was available for pickup right outside the terminal. We were able to make our flight with no problem. 


The only saving grace of this cruise was the diamond lounge group. These people are the hardest working people on the ship that are available for me at any time. They were helpful, pleasant, and made what was left of our cruise wonderful! I'm very thankful for them and their hard work. 


Be advised if you gone on this cruise ship: you will run into people that don't care. It is what it is. Because of our status with Royal Caribbean, we won't be going anywhere, but man oh man, I'd like my money back on this one. 



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Liberty of the Seas

December 2015 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Rhapsody of the Seas

July 2014 - Rhapsody of the Seas to Alaska - Inside Passage

Great Customer Service

I am a diamond member on Royal Caribbean and I have been traveling with them since a very young age. This particular ship was not the type of ship to have "large amenities" such as the new ships that are coming out…and to me that is okay! With the larger ships that are coming out, more and more people fell obligated (in a sense) to experience all the activities that are available onboard the ship. I respect that notion, because I myself would do the same thing. However, it is nice to go on a ship where there is less to do. What this means for me is that there is more time to relax.


The best aspect of our trip was by far the diamond lounge. The incredible staff, the fully stocked bar, and the complimentary food offered were all great aspects of our trip. The only thing that was different from other cruises was the hours that is was open. Because of our dinnertime, it made it difficult somewhat to attend the events held in the diamond lounge.


The one negative aspect of our trip was the new regulations that are held by Royal Caribbean regarding our pre-booking for our next cruise. I will warn you: normally if you put the $200.00 down for a future cruise you would get $100.00 onboard credit toward your next cruise if it was a 7 day cruise. Well, that has changed. You now only get $25.00. Also, the “free items” you once could get have also changed. Obviously, they do not give you the coupon booklet any longer; they just put the items on your sea pass card. Nonetheless, the advantages have changed drastically.


I enjoy the company and all it has to offer, but for continuing customers, be aware of the changes. I was not and was highly disappointed with what I found out. Our cruise was great, but the information I received was not so great. Hope this helps!

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Freedom of the Seas

July 2013 - Freedom of the Seas to Caribbean - Eastern

Fantastic Ship, Fantastic Service, Fantastic Staff

This was my 21st cruise, 18th with Royal Caribbean. I have been on Princess, Carnival, and Norwegian cruise lines prior to this cruise. Of all the cruise lines that I have been on, RC is by far the best cruise line there is. Yes, you pay a little bit more, but the staff, their ships, and their services are WELL worth the extra charge! The staff was incredibly prompt to getting our room clean, room service food to us, and our waiting staff at dinner was the best I've ever had. Every single staff person went out of their way to insure that our vacation was the BEST possible. And I can tell you honestly, it was. One thing this cruise did different was that they had personal parties for the Diamond member group. If you are a diamond member or above, the diamond lounge staff is EXCELLENT! They were at our every whim with anything that we needed. This ship was fantastic! There was always something to do! The RC ice skaters were amazing. Truly a work of art. All in all, NO complaints here. It was a great vacation, and a great time. In fact, we've already put down money for our next Royal Caribbean vacation!

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jmikhail's Tips

Celebrity Summit Celebrity Summit - Make sure to partake in the silent disco and the taste of film! So much fun!
Victoria, British Columbia - A lot of fun things to do in this town. The parliament building is a free activity and fun for those "history buffs."
Juneau, Alaska - This is where we went whale watching. This was my 3rd time doing this activity and it was GREAT!
Cruise Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska - Beautiful place!
Seattle, Washington - We spent 3 days in Seattle and really enjoyed the shopping and the fish market.
Skagway, Alaska - This is my favorite place in Alaska. At the end of the main strip of the town there is a small brewery that makes all their food locally as well as brewing their own beers! The summertime ale was awesome!
Cruise Inside Passage, Alaska - This place is beautiful This was my 3rd trip to Alaska and I greatly enjoyed it!
Rhapsody of the Seas Rhapsody of the Seas - Lunch in the dinning room is much better than in the windjammer. My recommendation is the Tuti Salad.

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received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Amazing Diamond Lounge, but a Terrible Cruise

received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Amazing Diamond Lounge, but a Terrible Cruise

received a helpful vote on their Navigator of the Seas cruise review - Amazing Diamond Lounge, but a Terrible Cruise

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received a helpful vote on their Celebrity Summit cruise review - Celebrity Summit-Bermuda