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50years old, empty nesters, hail from NYC area. We like luxury and will always dress up for dinner even with casual dining.


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Norwegian Gem

November 2015 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Eastern

Norwegian Gem

March 2015 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Eastern

Norwegian Breakaway

December 2014 - Norwegian Breakaway to Caribbean - Bahamas

Norwegian Gem

March 2014 - Norwegian Gem to Caribbean - Eastern

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Philipsburg, St. Maarten - Meegan's bay is 15 min away and the taxi's are always running. Snorkeling at turtle and shipwreck cove will not disappoint.
Tortola, British Virgin Islands - The hike and beach at the Baths is the highlight of the trip. Be warned though: the hike is more than a walk in the park, you'll be climbing on rocks, crawling on all fours, and getting wet. We had hiking water shoes that were great. Also bring a mask and snorkel to see the fish in the grotto's. This is a wet, challenging hike in the most beautiful spot in the world I have ever seen.
Norwegian Gem Norwegian Gem - Different bars are stocked differently. For example the atrium bar does not have Beefeater gin but the spinnaker does. If you have preferred labels, check the different bars.
Tortola, British Virgin Islands - the hi-light of the trip: the baths caves. only regret too short a stop wish we had 2 days here alone instead of 1/2 a day.
New York, New York - 40 minutes from my kitchen vacation starts. NO flights, transfers issues. Will always sail from NY
Norwegian Gem Norwegian Gem - Spinnaker lounge gives you beautiful views of the ocean and a great place for drinks, seating, lying down and snoozing indoors if its cold. The garden cafe is the only buffet style dining we used on the back of the ship. Great for lunches
Norwegian Breakaway Norwegian Breakaway - the elevators are horrendous. when you click the call button it only calls half the elevators. you must click another call button to get the other half to respond. watch the lights on the call button carefully.
Norwegian Gem Norwegian Gem - Blue lagoon chicken wings and brownie sundae for lunch were great. Main Dining room stripped steak was about the best steak I've every had (get the butternut squash with it.) don't be afraid to special order dinners as well, I mixed and matched parts of the different dinners

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