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Coral Princess

July 2015 - 7 Night Voyage Of The Glaciers Southbound (Whittier To Vancouver) Cruise on Coral Princess

July 29th Southbound Alaska Cruise

The food was okay. The sit down dinners were excellent. My wife is Gluten free and they did a great job making sure she was taken care of each night. The buffet for breakfast was okay, but I didn't like the lunches. The pizza place was very good and they also were great making my wife a gluten free pizza.

When we checked out I saw that we were charged for the bottles of water in our room fridge. We purchased the unlimited beverage and I didn't understand why we were charged. I was never notified that we would be charged for them. There was nothing in the room stating that and also no tag on them staying this. When I went to the front desk to question this they wouldn't take them off the bill and didn't seem to care. I was very unhappy about this. Also I just spent over $6,000 on this cruise and they couldn't take this small charge off the bill and this was my last memory of the cruise which wasn't very good.




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