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March 2016 - 14 Night Western & Eastern Caribbean (Port Canaveral Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Spirit

Survey including issues I faced!

Here are my issues. (1) My travel partner Paula Amsden and I each used our own separate credit cards and stated in the check in form that were wanted to keep our charges desperate. All 3 of her excursions showed up on my cc bill. We tried to point out this discrepancy with c/s three times over the last two days of our trip. Even after this conversations they never did get the billing corrected. We had to settle up and exchange money between ourselves to straighten this accounting issue because your staff or the software program didn't seem to take care of a very simple problem. Even more frustrating was the staff was unable to give me a reasonable explanation for why Paula's changes showed up on my bill! (2) The luggage handlers broke my suite case. The wheel broke off and I assume it was due to the way your staff handled our luggage. They did offered me a $75 credit but only after they were unable to repair it. The c/s rep told me I would have to surrender my luggage. That American Tourister luggage cost me $150 and I was not about to let your staff take my suite case for that $75. I thought the guy was joking at first! And From a practical stand point it didn't make sense because I had no was to get the contents of this luggage home. (3) We were told that a finalized bill was supposed to be delivered to our door the morning we left the ship. We tried to square away the bill Friday evening but had to leave c/s to make a 9:30 PM show so I agreed to receive the final bill which never got delivered. (3) It was hard to get the operator on the phone the evenings we wanted to get a wakeup call. We called 4 times and only once did we get through to the operator to have a wakeup call. The other mornings we were on our own to wake up. (4) There were two afternoons your crew set up lunch tables out by the Tripoli pool. The food was fine but there was no water, tea or lemonade out where they were serving food. My questions, is these beverages are available at every meal. Why would you served lunch and not at least water with the meal? I had to go to Razzles to get water. By the way, as dehydrated as I was on that cruise, it would have been nice to have a 12 or 16 ounce glass to drink water from. The plastic receptacles looked like orange juice glasses. These same glasses don't work when you need to drink lots of water! These glasses were about 4 ounce and way too small for someone who needed to drink lots of water. (5) I had a craving for an ice cream cone. I tried to get ice cream cone on both Friday and Saturday night and the soft serve machine was "out of order" both of those nights by 10 pm. Since Razzles is supposed to be open 24 hours a day, why would shut down the machine so early in the evening, especially with all the spring breakers on the boat? (6) I love deli sandwiches and was very unhappy when I realized that Blue lagoon only served a ham sandwich. I don't understand why the crew couldn't have served the other 4 or 5 popular sandwich favorites? I'd really be interested to find out why you folks couldn't have expanded that sandwich menu a little more. While on the subject of food let me also say that at Razzles, your breakfast layout only had one location where bacon was served on each side of the restaurant. This required I stand in two separate lines if I wanted bacon (if I happen to be in the line that didn't have bacon). You had trays of sausage on both lines, so why not offer the same set up with bacon too? (7) The morning wake up messages were garbled. We heard the cruise director make these announcements every morning but could not make out what he was saying. We decided to open our cabin door on the last morning so we could hear the disembarking procedures. That worked okay, so I would suggest more speaks in the hallway so these messages could be better understood!

This was my first cruise the NCL and more than likely my last. I have done eight cruises now with Carnival and am just use to the way they operate. I was surprised to find out you folks don't have a comedy club. I just assumed all ships had them. That Jeff Harm was not very funny. I understand he's been a regular with NCL for 19 years. I saw him to nights and didn't think he was very funny at all. I went back a second night thinking he was just having an off night. He may be a nice guy but in my opinion he doesn't belong on a comedy stage. I don't like complaining. I'm not a crank and made the decision not to lodge any formal complaints. But when I had a chance to do this survey, I figured it was my right and perhaps duty to give you my perspective. I hope you take these complaints constructively because I have taken quite a bit time to put these comments in writing. If you don't let management know about problems, via feedback, how else will they know when there are problems that needed to be looked into. And last, I didn't like the fact the 12 or 13th floors didn't allow guests to get anywhere near the front of the ship. There are great vantage points at the back of the ship, but nothing approaching those views from the front of the ship. With the right incentives I could be talked into coming back for another cruise in the future, otherwise I am headed back to carnival. My name is Jim and my cabin number was 5505.  Angry


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