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Norwegian Getaway

May 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

Was not able to board the ship...

After arriving at the port, the luggage/baggage collectors seem to "swarm" us. I had my luggage and that of a fellow traveler with me while the car was taken to be parked for the duration of the cruise.

I told the gentleman which bags were going, and which were to stay. He acknowledged and agreed he knew  which were to taken (I was keeping careful guard of lap top attache' cases and items of my companion as well as mine).

When I quickly turned around, I realized he had taken and loaded my luggage that was to stay with me, with my passport zippered in the front compartment! I could not see the cart it was on, notified the attendant,and when my fellow traveler returned, he went to look for it. Both our bags looked similar, and, even with information given, they (luggage porters) said "they found it". BUT, it was my fellow traveler's luggage and not mine! (evidently they just looked at the room # and not the name)!

We got to the port plenty early enough. It was immediately  reported and we went to security, and then were told it was found prior to the ship leaving port,  (but it wasn't, after waiting over two hours or so). They asked my fellow traveler whether he still wanted to go, as I could not board the ship.

We were stranded in Miami, had to get a cab, the parking garage was closed, and had to end up staying overnight in Ft Lauderdale before driving home the next day for 5 hours...

Very disappointed in Norwegian, as it was my first booking with them. Very unsystematic and seemed a bit chaotic...My name was not searched for, just the room number. The search was basically, in my opinion, somewhat dampened or called off after the mistake thinking it was found.


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Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Getaway

Be careful about how luggage and baggage is handled and watch "like a hawk" so the luggage to be kept with you, even as close as it might be (like right behind your back), is not taken, thus depriving you of the chance to take your long awaited cruise... Sad...

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