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July 2016 - 7 Night Bahamas & Florida (New York Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Gem

Norwegian lost my stroller! i w

First I would like to start by saying that the staff on the ship (except the customer service desk) were amazing! Most people were so great to my sons when they walked past them, always greeting them and talking to them. The Brazillian restaurant Moderno was beyond amazing! We actually canceled our reservation for Cagneys to go to Moderno again 2 days later! However the negatives made my trip miserable! First- they lost our stroller which made the trip a living hell for me! My 3 year old son was born with clubfoot which requires him to wear braces on his feet 14-16 hours a day. Not having the stroller was a complete inconvenience, requiring me to carry him. When we went to the excursions we were unable to get a stroller at the Kennedy Space Center so it was very hard seeing he just turned 3 and still gets very tired and needs to sit! I was told that if I rented a stroller there that I would be reimbursed however because I didn't rent one I was given $50 on board credit for the inconvenience. When we went to Atlantis aquarium we rented a stroller (which was a VERY large jogging stroller that was not only hard to navigate and carry up all the stairs but was uncomfortable for my son) and when I returned to the ship I was told that I wouldn't be reimbursed because we were given the on board credit. The people at guest services were very unsympathetic even when I brought my son down to show them his braces and how hard it was. After returning home and speaking with someone at the headquarters I was told that I could only be reimbursed $50 seeing their maximum is only $100 (I already was given the $50 on board credit) seeing I didn't purchase the travel protection. I'm getting $100 for the over $200 Maclaren stroller that I purchased specially for this cruise seeing my son requires to sit a certain way with his braces! I am very disappointed in the lack of empathy that I received from the representatives at Norweigian and will never ever cruise with them again! This was my 2 cruise with them and I was very excited seeing my first was wonderful! I have shared this story with others and will let all mothers of children with disabilities know how unhelpful Norweigian is towards parents of children with disabilities and their customers themselves! 
Second issue-- the kids academy seemed to have too many flaws which made the trip unenjoyable. When registering my sons I told them that the 3 year old wears a diaper, apparently no one gave him the appropriate sticker because as my husband and I sat down for dinner the first time he was in there, I received a call telling me that he took off his diaper (which he never does) when I went there I was told that they didn't realize that he wore a diaper and sent him to the bathroom during bathroom time. Another time I was called because my 6 year old looked tired and yawned. We  picked him up once they called at 8:30 and he was wide awake and up for 2 more hours. (This happened with my 3 year old also...and I was told from other parents they did it to them too) When I asked him if he told them he was tired he said no, he was just bored. To me it seemed like they were calling parents to get them to pick up the kids and get the kids to leave. 
I love cruising and will continue to do so, just never again with Norwegian!

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