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October 2015 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Eurodam

Great staff, but had several problems with room.

I sailed on the Holland Eurodam, 10/25 to 11/01/2015. The first thing I noiticed was the staff, they couldn't have been more friendlier or helpful, they were all wonderful. Now we come to the room. I booked room 1098, a window view room. When I first entered the room I noticed that it had a great view and appeared to be very nice. I then  entered the bathroom and immediately noiticed a smell of sewage. The best way to describe the odor was like it was from one of the old time out houses. I then bent over and smelled the toilet and it smelled like the toilet hadn't been cleaned in a long time. The toilet appeared clean so I assumed it was just the smell of recycled toilet water. 

I then emptied my luggage and noticed dark, half dollar size stains on the carpet. It appeared that the carpets had not shampooed in a long time. I then met my room attendant, Sapto, and he was very nice and helpful. At that point I didn't mention the smell or stains to him. I then went and had lunch and it was very good.  On returning to my room I went into the bathroom and the smell was still present. I rolled some toilet paper onto my hand and checked for any toliet debris under the toilet edge. The toilet is a fiber glass molded type with the inside edge of the toilet hidden from sight. I wiped the inner edge of the toilet and the paper was covered with fecal matter.  I then dropped the paper in the toilet and flushed it. I went into the hall and found Sapto and asked him to come into my bathroom and to smell the toilet area. He said he also smelled the odor in the toilet and then I did the toilet paper routine and he saw the debris, he told me he was very sorry and would be right back. He came back in and cleaned the toliet area with a second male, said he was sorry and left. I went back into the bathroom and redid the toilet paper routine and it was still filthy. I then took the shower head and cleaned under the lip with hot water until it was clean. I then went and got Sapto and showed him what I did. There was another male with him who may have been a supervisor. The said they were sorry and left.  I then asked several people on the ship that I had met and asked if the smelled and anything around the toilet and they all said they had

It's not the attendant's fault that the toilets are dirty, it's the design of he toilet, they just don't see the debris. Water has to be sprayed up into the inner ledge to clean the toilet.

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