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May 2016 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Eastern

Glad you asked....

   I chose to bring my cousin with me (paying for his cruise.) He was verbally and emotionally abusive. He also told me that it was Carnival's policy to split my money and place it in two separate accounts, witch he put under his name so that he could place spending limits on what was left of my half of my money in addition he stole 24 of my prescription Percocet from me.

This being said I am sure you are asking how this could possibly be Carnival's responsibility. It wasn't. What was Carnival's responsibility was that it took an act of God to have him removed from my room and that when he was removed I was treated like I had done something wrong. Security searched my room for no reason piling my belongings on one of the beds and leaving me that way; treated like a criminal or an insane person for asking for their assistance. Standing in a demolished room alone and scared of the people who were supposed to have protected me from a cruel thief who had spent the last three days endlessly berating me. All I had wanted was to spend the remainder of my trip in peace.

The following day security returned to tell me that if I did not allow my cousin to return to the room he would have to pay for the cabin he was in for the remainder of the trip. I resisted the urge to ask how this pertained to me (gladly) as he continued to explain that if there were anymore complaints we would be put off on the first island we came to and arrested by local police. All I had done was ask that an angry misogynistic man be taken out of my room so I could enjoy my cruise in peace and I was being threated with being arrested in a foreign country.

The next day I had booked an excursion for the two of us to scuba dive and by now I was more scared of security than I was of my mouthy cousin so I found him and told him he was still welcomed to scuba and we could discuss the issue then. The next morning I counted my Percocet before I left the boat, every single one was there.

I spent the next two days holding my breath. The day before we disembarked I counted my Percocet again 24 were missing, I was too scared to mention this to security. They had made sure of that. I had kept the meds in two safes, mine and the boats. The day before the boats had gone completely blank and I had had to call for a technician. All he had to do was the same, they never questioned that I was the only one using the safe. Why would they have questioned him? As for my safe he knew the combination, despite his hateful attitude it never occurred to me that he would have stolen from me and even if he had wanted to my meds were in the boats safe. So they were safe....

He claimed he had $100 stolen from a bag by the door but I had been in the room all that day it supposedly happened sick from the heat and I had already spent about $2,000 on him if not more and still had plenty in my bank account. I was also blissfully unaware of my missing meds. After the treatment we had received from security who could blame us for not reporting the thefts?

And one more thing still nags at me. Who would break into two safes pass over a fifty dollar bill and over a thousand dollars in jewelry for a bottle of Percocet with over 90 in it then take the time to stand in the room they don't belong in and count out 24? Not a stranger. If a stranger gets into that room and the first safe he grabs the entire contents and leaves.          

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Grand Turk Island - Eat lunch on the boat, take a long shower and a nap this one was a real drag! Basically a sand bar owned by the cruise line with an attempt at bar-bq (sorry I'm from the south and real bar-bq is pulled pork not chicken) but great prices on t-shirts. Two Bahamas t's for $20!
Nassau, Bahamas - Stick to the excursions on this one. The snuba was amazing! When you get off the excursion boat grab a star fish or a conk to prove you survived and go back to the ship to dream about the western Caribbean.
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (Private Island) - Awesome place to SHOP. Don't miss the silver shop dead center town square facing the ship. BEST SILVER PRICES EVER!!!! And the tiny shop called Souvenir Shop everything is hand carved and CHEAP!
Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Ecstasy - Don't complain, Big Brother is watching (selectively.) Seriously, I will probably never take another cruise again witch is a real pity my first went so well I wouldn't shut up about it for years literally.

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received a helpful vote on their Carnival Ecstasy cruise review - Glad you asked....

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Seriously, I will probably never take another cruise again witch is a real pity my first went so well I wouldn't shut up about it for years literally."