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Norwegian Sky

August 2015 - 4 Night Bahamas (Miami Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Sky

Worst vacation of my life

This was the worst vacation of my life. My husband and I, along with a close friend took some much needed time off of work for a vacation with Norwegian cruise line. Once we got to our first destination, my husband and I, along with our close friend, proceeded to go on our first island excursion. Unfortunately, the bus we were on along with a few other ship members lost its breaks and we nearly killed us. It was a near death experience. The bus crashed into a tree and the woman who was sitting in front of us started gushing out blood. my Husband and I were badly bruised and beaten. We had to seek medical help right away. It is now 4 weeks after the cruise and we still have not fully recovered. After going through such a terrible experiance on the bus, my husband and I, my friend, along with a few other people on the same ship were left behind even after explaining to the ship employees the horrible accident we had just undergone.  we were all forced to purchase plane tickets back home and cut our 4 day vacation to a 2 day vacation. upon hearing of our horrible experience, my husband and I felt like the ship should have accommodated or showed us some sort of customer service. I was appalled at the level of service and lack of empathy I received from the employees and management. People on the same bus accident as us who were on other ships were accommodated and showed some sort of customer service for the terrible experience they had undergone. I'm truly shocked at Norwegian cruise. We held them to a much higher level of superiority before this tragedy occurred.  

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Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky

Don't get into an accident off the boat. The Norwegian cruise line won't care about your pain and suffering.

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