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Norwegian Pearl

July 2016 - 7 Night Alaska Glacier Bay (Seattle Roundtrip) Cruise on Norwegian Pearl

I hope I don't have to go Norwegian again

The staff was wonderful and courteous.  I loved the group that played and sang the cute washy washy song at the morning buffet.  That was a nice start to the day.  The entertainment was good. Loved the comedy acts and the impersonation concert.  I don't drink or gamble so I have no opinions on those to categories.  The unlimited soda pass was a nice touch, but they only serve Pepsi Products so that was a downfall.  The ship isn't laid out very well  you have to go to certain parts of the ship to access certain floors ( for instance - if you are on the 11th deck rear you can't get to the 5th deck forward -  you have to go to the 11th deck forward and go down to the 5th deck forward).  Except for breakfast ( which was scrambled or fried eggs, or omelets, cold cereal, four types of hot cereal, biscuits & gravy, toast, french toast, pancakes, bacon or sausage links) the food was atrocious for a southern red blooded Arkansan.  The only food available that can be found on a dining table in Arkansas was Burgers, Dogs, Pizza, sometimes you could find mashed potatoes that were eatable, mixed veggies, and mac & cheese. Also sometimes there was some meat that was eatable, grilled chicken, tenderloin, turkey breast, or roast.  They did have an amazing salad and fruit bar as well.  The dessert was hit or miss nothing to write home about.  They did have good ice cream.  Otherwise if you are an American don't go expecting to get fat on this cruise.  The fact that I cruised in the summer was my bad, there were kids running wild everywhere and that made for a fun time.  Ha ha.  The cruise line has 63 countries represented in their staff (thus the reason there was not much food to eat because very few Americans are in Hospitality) most of them were all nice and friendly.  But I say that to relay my next statement, they have a diverse staff which caters to a diverse group of cruisers and of all the fellow cruisers the people from one country were the worst.  They are simply put RUDE.  They knocked into you without so much as a "I'm Sorry" "Excuse me" nothing they were horrid. 


So in summary,  if you are from the other 62 country's have at it. I sure you will enjoy it.  If you are an American and you can handle the rude fellow cruisers and not much to eat then you can have at it too.  But I think you can stick a fork in me cause I'm done.

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Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian Pearl

More time in Canada would have been nice. Also time when businesses were open would have been a nice touch, as it is now i get to say that I have been to Canada but that is it. It is a very beautiful place though, at least the part I saw.

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