EMPLOYEE THEFT on a Holland America!!? You decide... Yesterday my family and I left a Holland America Caribbean Cruise in Ft Lauderdale.  My son and I were inquiring about his lost IPod 5 with the customer service manager.  My son described where he had lost it and a family of four next to us said they had turned it into a staff member. The family were able to describe it perfectly to the manager with no help from us, as well as exactly when and where they had handed it to the employee and surprise it was not turned in three days later.  In fact there was no item device listed found for that day, so no mistake was made. The staff also had made no records of my sons inquiries at customer service looking for it as is the policy. My daughter also lost a nice pair of sandals on the deck late at night that were likely cleaned up and never returned and her friend lost her iPhone 6 in the same spot which was also never turned in.  We left the boat disgusted.  My 12 son saved $300 he earned cutting lawns to buy that IPod and an adult Holland America employee stole it from him.  DO NOT TRUST the staff on Holland America!!!