With all due respect, everything you complained about could have been avoided with some research prior to booking. Also, you mention you have friends that have cruised before, did they not explain any of these things to you? I'll reply by the numbers as you have posted in the review...1) Unfortunately you found this out the hard way. And I agree, ALWAYS book your own room and don't rely on the "Guarantee" booking hoping for an upgrade. I found out in 3 mouse clicks that your cabin HH3300 on the Lower Deck as a fully obstructed view. 2) I would have thought your friends would have enlightened you on this WELL known fact. Soda and alcohol are never included unless you are sailing with an upper scale line that offers it as part of the cruise. 3) The $11 a day they charge are for gratuities for not only your cabin steward. The money is shared amongst many crew members including your Dining Room staff. You could have adjusted the amounts at any time by going to the pursers/customer service desk onboard. Before auto-tipping became policy on cruises, the passengers would hand out money envelopes to the crew on the last night of the cruise to such crew as the cabin steward and dining room staff. 4) No, WiFi is not free and this could have been known if you had done some research. It isn't free on most cruise lines. 5) Again, research in the form of past cruisers on that ship in forums. The Zaandam holds a little over 2000 passengers and crew. Although not what I would call a small ship, the public areas may have caused you to feel enclosed. I also get a print of my cabin charges every two days just to make sure I'm staying on budget.  Don't give up on cruises based on just one. Just do a bit more research prior to booking next time. You already have a lot of pertinent info to sail on.