Whether or not you want to admit it, we all judge others.  Yes we do.  You can deny it, but you're judging me and this post right now.  I'm just poking the bear here.    So, here is the question ;


have you ever been on a cruise, and seen someone, and said,  this is what happens when prices drop in order to fill so many cabins ?


Lets be honest, Carnival isn't called WalMart of the seas because they put these. Happy   on their hulls.   RCCL and NCL have seen changes too.  More suites and private areas because people dont want to associate with...well, with us.     


So, tell us.  Who have you seen on a cruise that kind of made you think about your choice of cruise line ?



here's one to start.  Carnival Glory. Elegant night.  Steakhouse.   We are all dressed nice.  Suits for the men, nice clothes for the women.    In walks in a father and adult son.  T-shirts, sneakers, ball cap.   I thought for sure they would be asked to go back to their cabin and change.   Nope!  They were seated right near us.  Oh, and the ball cap stayed on all evening.


i'll post another one later