Ahoy Maties! Happy

On my first virgin cruise, it was only 4 days so I just went with Carnival's Cruise Insurance, because I just rather be safe than sorry.  I felt it was seasonable and worth the fee.  I was also sailing by myself.  Good deal!

This next cruise will be the whole family for 7 days on Carnival and I've been reading more and doing some research.  I'm hearing more about other companies that offer Cruise Insurance.  I'm also finding some better rates out there.  Being the novice here, I'm turning to you my Cruise Buddies that have a whole lot more experience and knowledge that I trust for advice in this department! Wink

What is your personal preference?  Any recommendations on Cruise Ins. companies that you may have used and have or have not been satisfied with?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated! Happy   Thank you and Happy Cruising!