This did not happen to me, it was posted elsewhere. I brought it over here with permission.  I was just looking for other opinions.



An interesting thing happened at dinner in the main dining room. 


On the second night of our cruise on the Breeze. The three of us were sitting at our table. The other two families of three each were not there yet. One we knew was at the steak house because they told us on the first night. The other family had not arrived. 


A table next to us was empty on the first night of the cruise. 


Back to the second night. We are sitting waiting for our table mates to arrive and the maitre d walks up to the table.  He ask us if we would be willing to move to another table because the people from the table that was empty the first night wanted their friends to sit next to them for dinner.  


We said no. We could not really speak for our other table mates who were not there. But we said no for them anyway. We asked why they did not try to make any arrangements on the first night. They said they were busy.   


Would you give up your table?