OK (rubbing hands together), I guess I'm looking for input from veteran cruisers on this. There has been major unhappiness aboard cruises from the most major cruiselines from the reviews I have been reading. Cruiselines that used to be considered upper shelf (by what they charged, their personalized service and their amenities in the past) now seem to be leveling out and seem to be becoming all the same. Things like compared amenities between lines in the stateroom (such as cabin amenities towel animals or toiletries) DO have an effect to veteran cruisers reactions. I do realize that reviews are a personal thing but when you read about bed bugs, dirty sheets and stopped up toilets, it makes me think that maybe, just MAYBE cruiselines are growing too big to true competitors anymore. It seems that the corporate leaders of these lines aren't really listening or reading what their past passengers have to say (with exception of MSC on this website) to correct these issues. Lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Celebrity that once used to be "upper crust" when it came to sailing, now seem to fall into the same category as Carnival YET Carnival reviews seem to over shadow many itineraries and passenger happiness of these lines. My thought was why pay $200pp more for an itinerary on one line when another is $300pp less from the same port with the same itinerary? I would at one time be willing to pay the extra for the more personalized service but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. It seems that when the cruiselines make their ships larger and keep the crew smaller, the passengers suffer thus leading to poor reviews. I sailed NCL and loved it albeit back in 1992. I have been on 2 RCCL cruises and found them OK (not "wow'd). I have sailed Princess and enjoyed the cruise. But, my past 5 cruises with Carnival were a blast ALL 5 times. What do you think is missing here? To me it seems the major lines are growing to big for their britches. I look forward to hearing what my fellow veteran cruisers think.