In the prior post about if service has declined on the major lines it was said we should start a discussion of what is good about cruising now.   So I will give it a start.

1.  the lecture series on Celebrity.   We had a retired WWII British Commander give a series of lectures on the rise and fall of the German U-boats during WWII.

2. Majority of cabins now have balcony,   Love to leave the door open a bit so I can hear the waves on the ship as I sleep (on Celebrity was able to clamp the door down open just an inch to get the sound but not the cold air)

3. Some ships now have Sushi at the buffet.

4. good and bad,   Ships have cell towers so your phones work,  $2.50 a min,  but they work.   It was people on cell phones that got help to the Costa Concordia when the captain to the Coast Guard all was OK,   just electrical issue.

5. Larger ships have more entertainment options. 


What do you find good on modern ships ?