I wore a kilt from Utilikilts on one cruise ( well, 2. It was a B2B ).    It wasn't a tartan, as that would be disrespectful, in my mind anyway.  I received several comments, most common being  " are you ? ",  implying , are you au naturel under there ?  The answer is an emphatic NO!!!!.  One English woman whom I had met in the laundry room between cruises recognized me as, one of the guys in those kilts ( friends also had them ) asked me what clan my family was. I thought about it, and told her Kohain ( the Jewish priests ).  She had a quizzical look on her face so I told her it was just a fashion thing.   She thought it was really cool.   Well, I've outgrown ( overgrown ? ) that kilt, so I ordered a new one for our upcoming cruise ( which is why I posed this question ).    So if you are on the Breakaway from the 9th - 16th, and you see a pair of hairy legs protruding from under a grey kilt in the MDR, that will be me  Big Smile