Thank you for being part of the Community! We're thankful you've chosen our site as your digital cruise home, and we've been honored to recognize your contributions via our Crew Loyalty Program. I wanted to personally let you know that effective today, we've made some changes to the program.

Key Changes:

  • It's Expanded: We've created a new Admiral level to recognize our most-active and engaged community members

  • More Ways to Earn Points: You can now earn points on both Ship Mate app and

  • It's Simpler: You'll earn 1 point for most actions/engagements on the site and app, including uploading tagged photos, commenting on reviews, posting in the forum, and more

  • Fun, Free Gifts: Instead of multi-item Crew Reward Packs, you'l receive a surprise or Ship Mate app logo gift item when you get promoted at various points in the program

  • Better Fulfillment: An improved automated ordering/fulfillment process means no more long waits to get your logo gifts

To reward our most active and loyal members, any Crew member at the Second Mate, First Mate, Cruise Director or Staff Captain rank who has logged into the site at least once since October 1, 2016 has been automatically promoted to the next rank, effective today, and is eligible* to receive the full legacy Crew Reward Pack for their new level. Captains with less than 25,000 points have received a one-time 5,000 point bonus toward Admiral status. Join me in congratulating glomarrone, who, with over 32,000 points, becomes our inaugural Admiral!

We're making these changes as we merge our and Ship Mate app communities.  The original Crew program and point structure were developed when our community was much smaller. We've grown substantially in recent years, and as we welcome over 1 million Ship Mate app members into our merged community this year, we wanted to develop a simple, streamlined and easy-to-understand program that could be implemented across both the site and the app to recognize your contributions.

In addition, we've received feedback from many of you that the old program was a bit too rewarding and may have incentivized off-topic posts and photos just to earn points. Also, under the old system, I manually packed and shipped each reward. It was a time consuming process, and one that I will not miss; automating these shipments also means you'l get your rewards quicker.

Thank you for your loyalty and for being a part of the community! We look forward to continuing to recognize your contributions through the Crew program.

Read all the details about the new program here. If you have any questions, please email me at


* Eligible US & Canadian residents with a valid mailing address in their profile by April 15, 2017 will automatically receive their legacy Crew Reward pack within 4 to 6 weeks. We'll make one attempt to contact any eligible member without an address on file to obtain a shipping address. If we don't have your address on file by April 15, 2017, your reward pack will be forfeited.