I just returned from the Panama Canal 15 day cruise.  I had a wonderful time.  There were many choices of excursions but as a seasoned cruiser with a limited budget  my primary "bucket list" item was sailing through the canal.  I did see Cartagena Colombia which was very nice but congested because of the Nov 11 Independence day  celebration.

I am basically writing this because I was disappointed that although Zumba was advertised and three very crowded classes were held, that was it for the 15 day cruise.  This is a warning to all you women who think that you can come to an exercise class, as active a Zumba, and wear wedge and open back sandals and flip flops. Don't Do It!!!!  A woman wearing wedge sandals fell  and we never had another class.  Please don't ruin it for the rest of us.  Follow the warning in the daily paper to wear proper shoes.