Earlier this year, a scheduled CruiseLine.com cruise, for the people that hang out here, was cancelled due to lack of interest. Some of us experienced this before on Carnivals site.  Let's face it, getting a couple dozen people to agree on a date is difficult.  Regardless of how far in advance you notify people.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a Mexican Riviera cruise on NCL on what will be a brand new ship, The Bliss.  It leaves out of Los Angeles on October 13th, 2018.   I mentioned that week because my birthday falls during that cruise, and that's why we were considering it.  


Now, I really know nothing about this ship, other than it is a Breakaway Plus class ship. That makes it larger than the Breakaway, but smaller than what RCCL is putting in the water.   Here is the website sailing date info:




If if anyone else is truly interested in this, let's get together with Simon and Amy & Michael, and see what can be done.