For me, travel has always been about the destination - even after being bit seriously by the cruise ship bug - I mean, there's nothing wrong with traveling in style, but travel is the thing. But - I may be in the minority. After our sixth or so Caribbean cruise - my wife stopped getting off the boat ("Oh - it's just another island with beaches and palm trees..."). And I've run into plenty of fellow travelers who rarely get off the boat at all. Not me - I'm out and about as much as time allows and on the hunt for special sights, experiences and mementos. It might be a "special" stamp in a passport, a label steamed off of a bottle, a genuine Panama Hat from Panama (pricey but cool), a "go native" yerba mate kit from Uruguay (leather case, silver straw, silver-bound leather-clad gourd "mug," thermos, and bag of mate), or even a driver's license from the Falkland Islands (took an hour and cost less than $50 and is good for life). I've bought packs of cigarettes with goofy labels and printed in exotic languages (I don't smoke cigarettes), hand-forged knives (had a few "confiscated" by security for the duration of the cruise), and religious "artifacts."  I've visited Masonic Temples and communicated with real fellow travelers; book shops with Mayan, Incan (or even Swahili) primers and cookbooks; and street stalls for counterfeit Cuban cigars (for me more memorable than the real McCoy).