Hi Friends! I am very excited to say that I will go for my first cruise in a month. :)   I have just confirmed all the plans for my trip has been set and ready. I will reach NY on August 25, visit a few places there and will be ready to begin my cruise on a Ship named Grande Mariner. It's a 14 day trip that ends in Montreal, Canada after visiting many awesome places including Troy, Kingston, Quebec city and many others. I am sure this will be great experience for me. After finishing the cruise in Montreal, the travel company let me take me spend 2 days in Montreal, then take me to Toronto. They have booked me a luxury apartment by Mac Suites in Toronto. I have 2 days there to visit nearby places and then I will return to BC, where my trip will end. I am already dreaming about this awesome trip. This will be the longest journey I have ever gone for in terms of number of days and distance covered. Hopefully I will have enough energy to enjoy it all. I would like if anyone have piece of advice for me while I prepare for this dream vacation.