Glad your cruise was good but I would like to point out the issue with the internet services. You can not compare a land based internet (WiFi) signal that uses a signal that is hard wired from the router like you did in comparing Starbucks to the one offered via satellite on an ocean going vessel that relies on a strong signal for reliable service. Even if you use the internet in one of the onboard kiosks (internet cafe) the service is very slow. Also, the internet server(s) onboard are being used by crew and passengers and the more people logged on at a given time will slow down the service even more. My suggestion, if your hell bent on using the internet while cruising, is to access it at off times such as early in the morning or late at night. Other than that, just put down the device and wait until you reach port and use a free WiFi service at one of the port shops (just follow the crew, they know where they are).