My husband had cruised years ago in Florida (1980s) and immediately saw a huge difference in the entire process.

  • Embarkation was ez because I had all our documents in one zippered Lug and took out what was needed when needed. We dropped our luggage early (around 9:30) and returned to the pier around 12:30, boarded and went straight to our ready cabin.
  • The Cabin Steward was not a plus to him - too much popping in and out (we kept forgetting to double bolt) too much fussing and rearranging. We told him twice a day was more than enough and private meant private.
  • Getting around the Ship was a challenge for him but for me a familiar path.  It can be confusing at first and the sooner you establish a "routine" - this way for food, that way for shops, etc ..stairs here, elevators there...the easier it is.  
  • Food (or I should say the abundance and choices) was a bit overwhelming at first. He adapted to my coffee/fruit early room service, then breakfast at buffet, snack at Trident Grill (pizza or hot dog), Lunch at Buffet, Snack or salad at International cafe and then MDR for dinner. Always stop at Intl Cafe at night to bring cookies for bed.
  • He definitely loved Movie Under the Stars when it wasn't raining.
  • Surprisingly, he let me run the show for the ports and simply followed my guidelines.  We saw a lot, spent very little and easily enjoyed the ports.  This is where cruise experience comes in handy - he was impressed!

Many of the tips we share here make cruising more enjoyable ... keep it up.