Hi all,

Of the countries we will be visiting in 2018, Brazil is the only one requiring a visa. My guess is that this was put into effect prior to the world-class athletic competitions coming to town (under the heading of "How can we make more money off of people spending wads of it just to get to our country?")  What ever the case may be, clearly Brazil spent time and money preparing for and hosting these events. It is a known fact that host countries don't get much in the way of financial assistance from the official sport organizations behind these competitions so I don't begrudge a country from collecting visa fees. Ok... enough editorializing.

For those here who have not had the pleasure of visiting a country which requires a visa, it isn't starting off to be a whole lot of fun.  The paper work required to get a Brazilian visa is more appropriate for people who are spending a significant amount of time there versus taking a couple day trips off of a cruise ship. Unfortunately, the visa is required, period... end of story... good night. 

Included in what we have to gather are:

- Passport (and copy of it),

- Proof of sufficient funds (Bank statements),

- Copy of driver's license,

- Proof of travel arrangements,

- Online completion of Brazil's application (completed ahead of time), and

- An acceptable photo (akin to passport). 

The standard visa fee appears to be $160 for the consulate processing your application ONLY from a U.S. Postal Service money order.... not a bank check.... not a registered check. If we do this ourselves, we have to bundle all of this together and head into the Brazilian Consulate in Boston. They are only open for processing visas on designated days of the week. 

We are considering the use of CIBT to help with the visa application. Using CIBT adds a minimum of another $139 (per visa, so x2 for us) plus additional processing costs for uploading, application processing, and other optional services.  It is mind-boggling just getting our heads wrapped around the bureaucracy. Perhaps most troubling to us is having to send our original passports out if CIBT handles the processing. . . but heading into Boston to visit the Brazilian embassy for in-person processing may seem a worthwhile option for the majority of people but because of our collective physical limitations it is a big question mark whether we can (or want to) manage doing the F2F transaction.

So, with that in mind who hear has utilized CIBT or similar processing service and it worth paying the additional fees to take care of the entire shebang?? 

Danke for your input.