Another sad day for cruisers as news of a fatal tour bus crash in Tortola breaks. There are multiple outlets carrying this story. I picked one that did not go to another cruise line discussion site. Please overlook the clear self-promotion toward the end of this one. 

Our thoughts are with the victims and families of those in the accident, as well as all the other passengers and crew of the Summit.  As I have said previously, when there is a tragedy on a ship, we all become survivors of the event regardless of how closely involved we were with the direct victims.

This was not a cruise line-sanctioned excursion but Celebrity is stepping up in assisting the victims with medical travel and other arrangements.

We all know that accidents can happen, regardless of whether an excursion is sanctioned or not. However, at least the vetted excursions have been checked out in advance and are held to some level of accountability with personnel and quality checks along with passenger feedback.  For us, these are reason enough to stick with sanctioned excursions.