Too trusting or too lazy to look things up? is my go-to site for cruise-related discussions but I also belong to some social media groups that are specific to cruise lines we frequent. I've noticed an increasing trend of dissatisfied customer comments pertaining to cruise experiences that start out like...

- I didn't know xyz...

- No one told me about xyz...

The range of issues covers everything from child care to visa/passport requirements.

My question - are people far too trusting that the cruise line is going to spoon-feed them every single bit of information they need to know, have the cruise lines set unrealistic expectations for new cruisers that they simply need to board the ship and not think about another thing until it is time to get off the ship, do people just not think ahead in planning their experience, are people too lazy to look things up ahead of time or is it some other phenomenon in play?

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We love cruising and sincerely hope that others pick up the "bug" as well. Our expectations are reasonable and we don't look to the cruise line to make/break our vacation experience. We are of the mind that we are responsible for making our own good time.

Part of that responsibility is doing our homework with regard to the ship, the ports-of-call, the stateroom, immunization requirements, passport/visa requirements, cell service, internet packages, meal/drink packages, yadda, yadda, yadda.

When I see some of these "I didn't know" comments, it gives me pause to wonder how much coddling fellow cruisers expect versus whether they ever accept personal responsibility to educate themselves about critical information. Granted, there is a lot to learn for a first timer but to not look up passport requirements when traveling out of the US (or the borders of your native country) is beyond comprehension.

Is it just me? LOL... i really hope not.

I think the attitude goes with the idea that everyone who participates gets a trophy and not keeping score. Americans have become used to blaming someone else for their failures, not taking responsibility for their shortcomings.

There are times I have been surprised by events, but I look to find out why the event happened as it did, and usually find something I could have done differently. Amazingly enough, the event never repeats.

Whenever one takes up a new activity, whether it be cruising or mountain climbing, they should take it upon themselves to actively research the activity rather than expect someone will spoon feed them the information.

--- or you can continue to drone on in the animal farm.---

It's not just you CM, but the thing that REALLY get's my goat is when experienced cruisers (more than 2 cruises) complain about things that are common on most cruise lines. Things such as waiting a long time to be seated in the MDR when you choose freestyle cruising (anytime dining), slow and/or expensive internet service, the high price of beverages and ships being too crowded are things that are usually common knowledge to cruisers after their second cruise. Before I do ANYTHING in life, not just cruising, I "Google it" before finalizing any plans. It is too easy to get ALL the info you need nowadays via the internet. Perfect example using my recent T/A cruise on the Caribbean Princess....When talking to my agent on the phone, I had running so I could view exactly where the proposed cabin is on the ship. Before booking that cruise, I will read reviews from past cruisers about their experience on the ship and gather the pro's & cons. If the pro's outweigh the con's, it's a go and I call my agent back to book. For this reason, I rely on ACCURATE reviews and when I read negative reviews that just banter on about things they should have known prior to booking, it makes me nuts. Posters that use poor grammar, post in all CAPS or feel it is necessary to post the same review twice because they didn't feel the first post got enough attention do NOT help me at all. If a flight is needed as it was in my case for this cruise, I then review airline posts for various airlines running the route I need. There is more that I do and yes, it can be time consuming but with my research, I return from an enjoyable vacation and have no reason to complain. Granted, there could be issues on my specific sailing not reported in the reviews but that can happen with any vacation plan. I just feel that if you don't plan correctly and do some homework, you have nothing to complain about! Just IMHO.......

I did not know you had to look things up. Just kidding. I think most people are just lazy when it comes to most things. I may not do as much research as I could, but I have a good idea going in on what I'm getting myself into. I check with a few sources, it took me a few nights to book my travel plans for Europe. By reading reviews I learned that not all hotels in Europe have on-suite bathrooms and in their description the very last line states that "Common bathrooms are down the hall". The pictures, location, price and majority of description were great, but Im not going down the hall to use a bathroom at 3 AM or for morning showers (I get to pick if and who I shower with)

Cruising is changing and with the cruise line keeping the prices so low (I can remember my mom used to say back in the 80's "if you can get a cruise for under $100.00 a night it was a great deal) fellow passengers are changing also. I think some of the newer cruisers think it is like a hotel where everything is done for you and things like internet are included.

People need to take responsibility for them self and not just wine and bitch when they do not get things their way. (stepping off of my soap box)

@JusMe... "I get to pick if and who I shower with...". TOOO funny!!! :D

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You just can't use a travel agent and expect her/him to tell you all that you need to know about the ship. You need to do your own research. At the minimum, visit the Website. Reading reviews on this Website is most helpful. Some of the shared tips are very valuable. Joining the roll call is a must. Knowing the last health inspection report is important. If I have important issues, I call the cruise line ahead of time to clarify what I can expect. For example, my husband has to limit his dairy consumption, so we need to find out if almond milk is available or must we bring it onboard. Get everything in writing and bring it with you - especially about onboard credit. I can't believe what passengers say that they didn't know ahead of time. And please, get copies every few days of your statement of onboard charges. Do not wait until the last night to discover inaccuracies.

Very, VERY good points Glo!! :)

I agree. No it's not just you Cruising CM, but I can not add to anything Cruisn Tim, Jusme and glomarrone stated. I do my research.😎

People want their hands held.

I am more than willing to help, but I am not going to fill out the forms for you, walk you around, and feed you. You learn by doing. I will point you in the right direction, ( and kick you in the a$$ if necessary ). Now, if it's something specific, possibly regarding NY, I will do all I can, including give you my e-mail & possibly my phone # if there is a lot of info to discuss.


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