think back to your first cruise. Before the inter web was available. Now, write a review for others to read.    This is gonna be hard.

1992 / Carnival Holiday :    Oh man this ship is huge. The food is delicious. Found out on day three you can have seconds ( and thirds, and fourths ). We were seated with this lovely couple from Cleveland. It was their first cruise too. The cabin is a little......cozy.......but who cares ? We're never there. Ricks Cafe seems to be the one place everyone hangs out. The midnight grand buffet is amazing. These chefs really are artists.

We were sure our luggage would not show up at our cabin, but somehow it did.  The Caribbean water is so blue....not like the NY Atlantic.   Who the hell buys art from a cruise ship ?  I think there was someone in our cabin last night. I went to the bathroom at about 3 am. When I came back, the bed was made !  ( ha ha ). That seems to be a running joke around here. I don't get it though.  There is another one about the photographers, but I can't remember it.  I won $50 in the casino. Too bad I lost $200.

Although we loved the cruise, I don't know if we'll ever take another. 2000 people in one place is a bit much for us.