Okay, this is a way for this of us 50 & over can have some fun.   You will be revered for the rest of your cruise as a wise sage.  Here is what you will need. A Swiss Army Knife adds to the amazement, but any sharp knife will do. 


Now, at the breakfast buffet, grab a box or two of cereal, and a bowl.  When you are done foraging for the rest of your breakfast, grab a seat.  Eat everything except the cereal.  Now, place both cereal boxes in front of you. Make sure the side with the three perforations face up.  Open the knife, and proceed to slowly cut those perforations ( like when we were kids ) Wink.   By now, people will be looking.  Slowly and carefully cut the inner wrapper, exposing the golden flakes inside.  Open and fold back the sides.  You will hear someone mutter " so that's what those lines are for  ", oooooooooooooh ( well, maybe not the oooooh).     Pour the milk and begin to eat.    Kids will be amazed, as will many of their parents.    How you deal with the questions and adulation is up to you.