Here's something that happened on Friday August 25, 2017 the last  day of our Alaska Cruise on the Solstice.  I accidentally left my favorite UCLA hat hanging on my stateroom door (1655) when I disembarked.  I tried to get back on the ship two minutes after I walked down the gangway and they refused to let me go back and get it.  My daughter (who was traveling with us) had given that hat to me as a Christmas gift and it was special to me, so I called the Celebrity customer service line the next day expecting them to help me retrieve it, because here is what their website says:

"We are sorry to hear that you are missing a personal item. We make every effort to recover all lost items from onboard our ships and conduct thorough investigations into these matters. If you have not already done so, please contact us at 1-844-418-6824 ir via email at at your earliest convenience, so that we may assist you in beginning the process of locating your item. This team will conduct an extensive search for your missing item and provide a response within five business days."


However, this is not true.  Celebrity customer service told me on the phone they throw away all lost clothing after the cruise.   So my prized hat has been thrown away.  The Celebrity website is entirely mis-leading.  They do not "make every effort to recover all lost items from onboard our ships"


So anyway, this lack of customer service really bothered me and I wanted others to know.  I have now cancelled all my future cruises with Celebrity  (I had several booked) and will look for another cruise line the next time we cruise.