This was recently posted on another site.  Has anyone had similar issues ?



On July 13, 2014, my family and I sailed on the Carnival Breeze.  About 3 days into the cruise, I returned to my cabin to find the cabinet where the safe is located, open.  I opened the safe to count my money and found that $500 was missing.  Upon reporting this to Security (which is a joke), they proceeded to treat me as the criminal.  They searched my room, rummaged through my personal belongings, and searched my purse.  There ONLY concern was whether or not the safe was working properly.  Well, i'm not an expert on safes, so I don't know.  Although I don't believe it was working properly when you could press a button on the front and it would tell you the code.  

The next day, on the way to breakfast, we caught one of the housekeeping staff going through someone's bag 3 doors down from us.  We went to Security to report it.  Security followed us to deck 2 so we could show them the room, but refused to knock on the door and notify the people in that cabin.  So I took it upon myself to knock and let them know what had happened.  Lucky for them, they don't think anything was missing.  

While waiting to talk to Security that morning, I talked to a man about 10 rooms down from us and he also had money missing ($600) from his cabin.  After the cruise, another couple on deck 2, told me that they had money missing from their room.  

Carnival has refused to do anything about it, other than, so they say, talked to the housekeeping staff and they denied any knowledge of the missing money.  Well of course they are going to say that.  Really???  So after 9 cruises with Carnival, this was my LAST!  They say they value their customers, then they could at least offer me a discount cruise in the future, but they refused when I asked.  I was told there was nothing they could do.  Seems to me Carnival should be doing more about this since it happened to more than one person or one cabin.

CRUISERS BEWARE!!!!    DO NOT leave cash in your room!!!!   It is much safer if you keep it with you.  And always lock your balcony when you are not in your room!